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Closing Defined Benefit Pension Schemes – A Bitter Pill?
In a Defined Benefit, or DB, scheme, the employer bears the financial risk of the plan. If the amount contributed to the scheme is insufficient to discharge the liability, the employer must pay the balance.
14 May 2018
Employer's Duties - References And Negligent Misstatement
An employer that provides a reference for a former employee can be sued for negligent misstatement if the reference is found to be inaccurate.
11 May 2018
Pensions Update: A Man's World
A statistic that receives far less attention is the gender pension gap which is 39%.
20 Mar 2018
A Man's World
The field of pensions has a number of general issues such as overall coverage and adequacy that are not gender specific but statistics show that women tend to be in a far poorer position ...
9 Mar 2018
Education Update: Age Discrimination Claim In Appointment Of Deputy Principal
A teacher in a school applied for the position of deputy principal, however, she was unsuccessful following the interview process.
7 Mar 2018
Court Of Appeal Overturns High Court Nano Nagle School Judgment
Ms Marie Daly, a Special Needs Assistant in Nano Nagle Special National School, sustained severe injuries in a road traffic accident in 2010 which left her confined to a wheelchair.
7 Mar 2018
A Guide To Preparing For The ‘Beast From The East'
The arrival of severe snow and ice conditions across the country this week may lead to difficulties for employees getting to work and businesses staying open.
27 Feb 2018
Guidance On Working Past Retirement Age
A changing age demographic, economic necessity, the pension pay gap and changes to the State Pension age have meant that many people will want to continue working past the traditional retirement age ...
12 Feb 2018
2017 Review And 2018 Predictions
2017 saw a focus on possible legislative changes to rules on the winding up of defined benefit pension schemes in Ireland.
23 Jan 2018
Employment Update: Gig Economy, Gender Pay Gap And #MeToo
2017 has been an interesting year from an employment law perspective. We examine some of the issues which arose...
17 Jan 2018
Employment Top Tips For Christmas
With preparations in full swing for the festive season, we review typical workplace issues commonly faced by employers at this time of year and suggest some practical tips for dealing with them successfully.
14 Dec 2017
Extension Of Maternity Leave And Benefit For Premature Births
In October 2017, the Irish Government announced in a press release that mothers of premature babies will receive additional maternity leave and maternity benefit for babies born on or after 1 October 2017.
14 Dec 2017
Pensions And Employment Contracts – Tips For Employers
Correct drafting of the pensions clause in an employment contract sets out clearly what is being provided in terms of pensions in a clear and unambiguous way to the benefit of both the employer and the employee.
28 Nov 2017
Over the Hill? Compulsory Retirement In Ireland
Life expectancies have risen to an average of 82 years of age. Despite this, most employers still have the traditional mandatory retirement age of 65 for their staff across the board.
22 Nov 2017
Paternity Leave – Gender Pay Gap With A Difference
In 2016, the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 (Act) came into force. The Act constituted a significant development in the area of employment rights
European Union
6 Nov 2017
"KEEP"ing SMEs On The Path To Success
The recent Finance Bill has introduced draft legislation for a welcome new tax incentive scheme to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to attract and retain talent through the use of share options.
European Union
6 Nov 2017
Rail Strike – Should Stranded Workers Get Paid?
Thousands of commuters across the country were faced with major delays following the cancellation of services by Irish Rail due to strike action by its employees.
6 Nov 2017
Ex-Hurricane Ophelia - Are You Obliged To Pay Employees Who Miss Work?
Due to the ominous weather warnings in place across Ireland in preparation for ex-hurricane Ophelia's arrival, many businesses have asked employees to only attend work if it is safe for them to do so.
European Union
23 Oct 2017
2021 – A Pensions Odyssey
The Irish Prime Minister, Mr Leo Varadkar recently announced that the Irish Government will "publish a five year road map for pensions reform before the end of the year".
20 Oct 2017
To Consent Or Not To Consent? Fingerprint Clocking-In At Work
Companies that deploy security systems which require employee biometric data, such as fingerprints, to validate and record access to restricted areas must consider how they will process this data...
19 Oct 2017
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