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Third Time's the Charm: Maryland Bans Non-Compete Agreements for Low Wage Workers
Many of the aspects of the statute will have to be clarified by courts or future amendments.
United States
5 Aug 2019
Oregon Employers Beware: New Technical Requirements For Non-Compete Enforcement
On May 14, 2019, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2992, amending the existing non-compete statute to now require employers to provide employees with a signed, written copy of their non-competition agreements ...
United States
31 Jul 2019
Maine Drastically Restricts The Use Of Non-Compete Agreements
Earlier this month, Maine passed the Act to Promote Keeping Workers in Maine, banning non-compete agreements with employees who earn less than 400% of the federal poverty line ($49,960 per year for 2019).
United States
29 Jul 2019
New Hampshire Bans Non-Compete Agreements For Low Wage Employees
On July 10, 2019, the Governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, signed a bill that prohibits non-competition agreements for employees who make 200% or less of the federal minimum wage, which translates to $14.50/hour.
United States
24 Jul 2019
Non-Competition Agreements – Bracing Yourself Against The Winds Of Change
As noted in our May 10 client alert, Washington has now joined several other states that have recently amended their non-compete statutes to provide more protections for employees.
United States
7 Jun 2019
In A Historic Move, Washington Bans Non-Competes For Employees Making Less Than $100,000
Following the White House's "call to action" in 2016, many states sprang into action and attempted to reign in the use of non-compete agreements in their states to even the playing field between employers and employees.
United States
20 May 2019
Companies With No-Poaching Agreements Must Consider Whether They Are Worth The Risk
Earlier this month, a group of 11 state attorneys general announced that they have asked eight fast-food franchises to provide a copy of their franchise agreements to determine whether such agreements contain no-poaching restrictions, which prohibit franchisees from hiring, i.e., "poaching," each other's workers.
United States
27 Jul 2018
2018 Mid-Year Non-Compete Update
More and more states are amending their non-compete statutes to make them more employee-friendly.
United States
25 May 2018
2017 Texas Employment Law Update
Employment laws were not the focus of the 85th legislative session of the Texas Legislature; however, there were a few notable new laws – which will impact employers – that were passed during this session.
United States
21 Nov 2017
Texas Employers' Guide To Classifying Workers
Employers can hire two types of workers – employees and independent contractors – and there are serious consequences to misclassifying workers as independent contractors when they are actually employees.
United States
12 Oct 2017
2017 In Review: Changes To Non-Compete Laws Around The Country
This year, California, Illinois, and Nevada amended their non-compete statutes to help protect the right of employees to change employers. Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York...
United States
9 Oct 2017
Federal Government Warns That Anti-Poaching And Wage-Fixing Agreements May Violate Antitrust Laws. What Does This Mean For US Companies?
The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have issued an Antitrust Guidance for HR Professionals (Guidance)...
United States
25 Sep 2017
Supreme Court Allows Partial Travel Ban To Take Effect - Agrees To Hear Case In October
The United States Supreme Court, in a "per curiam" (by the court) decision, has handed the Trump Administration a victory in its long-running desire to implement a travel ban on nationals of six...
United States
14 Jul 2017
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