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Private Sector Employers Must Upload Employees' Contracts To Electronic Portal
The new law is expected to standardize employment contracts, which should make employment terms more transparent.
Saudi Arabia
5 Sep 2019
Amendments To The KSA Labour Law
The Consultative Assembly of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also known as Majlis ash-Shura or Shura Council (the Council), met on 7 May 2019
Saudi Arabia
17 Jul 2019
Be Alert: All Employment Contracts Must Be Registered In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
The Ministry of Labor has recently issued ministerial resolution number 156309 dated 18/08/1440 H (April 24 2019), which launches the electronic contract registration program
Saudi Arabia
8 Jul 2019
Atypical Working In Saudi Arabia: What Are The Options?
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to be a key market for multi-national companies as it opens up its markets in line with Vision 2030.
Saudi Arabia
13 Sep 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - June And July 2018
Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) announced it will grant an upgrade to Saudi Arabia by adding it to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (the Index).
Saudi Arabia
9 Aug 2018
Anti-Harassment Law
As our readers will be aware, over the past twelve months, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made unprecedented moves to open its economy to foreign investment and to adopt new social norms.
Saudi Arabia
19 Jun 2018
Tough New Rules Designed To Prioritize Saudi Nationals
The Saudi government has introduced a number of measures to favor Saudi nationals over expatriate employees. These so called "Saudisation measures" ...
Saudi Arabia
5 Apr 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - February 2018
In general, any non-GCC investment in Saudi Arabia resulting in ownership of a Saudi-registered entity requires approval of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) ...
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
Resourcing Solutions In Saudi Arabia (Video)
With Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has embarked on an exciting program to transform its economy and unlock its economic power as the largest Arab economy.
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2018
Saudi Arabia's bankruptcy and insolvency law regime has been governed by two regulations, the earliest dating back to 1930.
Saudi Arabia
31 Jan 2018
KSA: New Fees Applicable For Foreign Employees & Dependants
In 2013, KSA introduced its first levy payable by employers for every foreign employee over and above a 1:1 ratio with Saudi employees.
Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 2018
Saudi Arabia Update – November And December 2017
In the wake of Saudi Arabia's headline-grabbing anti-corruption drive in November, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman instructed the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (the Council)...
Saudi Arabia
14 Dec 2017
Update – October 2017
Government to implement further anti-concealment (Tassatur) measures
Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2017
The UAE's Bankruptcy Regime: An Employment Perspective
The UAE government issued a new bankruptcy law, UAE Federal Decree Law No. 9 of 2016 ("Bankruptcy Law") which came into force on 29 December 2016.
Saudi Arabia
9 Oct 2017
Saudi Arabia Update – August And September 2017
The National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) is the local body responsible for investigating violations of the Combating Bribery Law (CBL) and referring such violations for prosecution.
Saudi Arabia
3 Oct 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - July 2017
Saudization is a colloquial term used to refer to the Kingdom's official government policy of ensuring the hiring, training, and development of Saudi Arabian nationals over expatriate employees in the Kingdom.
Saudi Arabia
14 Aug 2017
The New Indicative Rules Governing Work Behavioral Conduct
In February 2017, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development issued a guide containing indicative policies regarding work behavioral conduct.
Saudi Arabia
20 Jun 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - May 2017
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MOL) is discussing a potential new employment system for Saudi employees named "Flexible Work" (Flexible Work).
Saudi Arabia
15 Jun 2017
Managing An Employee's Performance In KSA
Managing employee performance is a key concern for every employer.
Saudi Arabia
8 Jun 2017
Saudi Ministry Of Labor Restricts Redundancy Terminations
Under the Resolution, the Company must notify its local Labor Office 60 days before undertaking a Group Termination.
Saudi Arabia
6 Mar 2017
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