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Canada's Competition Commissioner Provides Guidance On Innovation, Efficiencies And Competitor Collaborations
The Commissioner of Competition addressed innovation, enforcement and policy initiatives at the Competition Bureau in his keynote speech, "Strengthening Competition: Innovation, Collaboration and Transparency."
19 Oct 2016
Competition Bureau Launches FinTech Market Study
On May 19, 2016, the Competition Bureau announced that it has launched a market study into technology led innovation in the Canadian financial services industry...
1 Jun 2016
Made In Canada: Competition Bureau Takes Action Against Moose Knuckles
On April 26, 2016, the Competition Bureau (Bureau) filed a Notice of Application (Application) against Moose International Inc. (Moose Knuckles), for alleged false or misleading "Made in Canada" claims...
6 May 2016
Court Clarifies Conditions To Certify A Class Action For Damages Under Section 36 Of The Competition Act
In a previous stage of the proceedings, Amway obtained a stay of the action in favour of arbitration, on the basis of an arbitration agreement and a class action waiver for claims exceeding C$1,000 in the distributor agreement.
20 Aug 2015
New Developments In Canadian Competition Law And Foreign Investment
On September 15, 2014, the Competition Bureau (Bureau) published its Price Maintenance Enforcement Guidelines (Guidelines).
19 Sep 2014
Key Trends For 2014 - Annual Report 2013
In this report, the Blakes Competition, Antitrust & Foreign Investment group outlines the key Canadian developments over the past year and sets out the key trends for 2014.
26 Feb 2014
Significant Developments In Canadian Competition Law And Foreign Investment: Commissioner Of Competition Appointed
Canada’s Minister of Industry, the Honourable Tony Clement, announced today the appointment of Ms. Melanie Aitken as the Commissioner of Competition (head of the Canadian Competition Bureau) for a five-year term.
12 Aug 2009
India´s New Competition Regime Takes Shape
The presence of a modern competition law is one indicator of the extent to which an economy has embraced the notion of encouraging effective competition in the marketplace. India introduced a new Competition Act in 2003. However, the legislation hit a number of roadblocks and, so far, none of the substantive provisions of the Competition Act have come into force. It appears that these roadblocks are now finally being cleared with the passage of the Competition (Amendment) Bill (the Amendment Bil
25 Oct 2007
U.S. Supreme Court Decision Has Implications For Cross-Border Manufacturers And Distributors
In the recently decided case of Leegin Creative Leather Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the outright ban on agreements between suppliers and customers regarding minimum resale prices. That ban was created in 1911 as a result of the case of Dr. Miles Medical Co. v. John D. Park & Sons Co., which stood for the proposition that such agreements were per se (or, inherently) illegal and were not to be evaluated in light of their surrounding circumstances.
25 Oct 2007
Competition Bureau Publishes Independent Report On Dynamic Efficiencies
On August 9, 2007, the Competition Bureau published an independent report on innovation and dynamic efficiencies intended to help in the development of a framework for considering technological change and dynamic efficiencies in the merger review context. The report, entitled Innovation and Dynamic Efficiencies in Merger Reviews, was prepared by CRA International
23 Oct 2007
Corn Growers Case: High Deference To Trade Tribunal´s Expertise
On June 5, 2007, the Federal Court of Appeal refused to interfere with a decision of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) and, in so doing, recognized a high degree of deference toward the CITT in dealing with complaints of injury caused by subsidized and dumped imports.
25 Jul 2007
Supreme Court Of Canada Denies Leave To Appeal In Canada Pipe
On May 10, 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada denied Canada Pipe’s application for leave to appeal the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision in Commissioner of Competition v. Canada Pipe Company Ltd.
24 Jul 2007
Competition Bureau Issues Draft Information Bulletin On Searches And Seizures
On April 16, 2007, the Competition Bureau issued a request for public comments by July 12, 2007, on a draft publication relating to the Commissioner of Competition’s powers of search and seizure titled: “Draft Information Bulletin: Sections 15 and 16 of the Competition Act”.
19 Jul 2007
New Competition Tribunal Rules Proposed
On May 26, 2007, proposed new Competition Tribunal Rules were published in the Canada Gazette. The new Rules, which are designed to improve the Competition Tribunal process, are the culmination of over a year and a half of consultations with groups including the Canadian Bar Association, the Department of Justice, and staff members from the Competition Bureau and Competition Tribunal. Interested parties have 60 days from the date of publication to make representations concerning the new Rules.
18 Jul 2007
Canada to Consider Amendments To Foreign Acquisition Rules
Earlier this year, The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, announced that the Government will review the rules governing foreign acquisitions. It will also consider, among other things, Canada’s competition policy.
17 Jul 2007
Canada Contemplates Innovative Bilateral Trade Initiatives
Canada pursues trade opportunities beyond the U.S. by entering into a number of traditional and innovative bilateral agreements. Free trade agreements have become an integral part of the trading system. The World Trade Organization (WTO) permits such agreements, as long as certain conditions are met (Article XXIV, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade). Some countries, such as the United States, which completed three free trade agreements in 2004, have been active in entering into such agreemen
21 Jun 2005
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