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CEE: EU & Competition Monthly Bulletin - September 2018
Stay informed about the latest developments in competition law in Central and Eastern Europe with Schoenherr's multi-jurisdictional newsletter. Each issue offers insight into developments in merger control, anti-trust, as well as public and private enforcement in the region.
European Union
11 Oct 2018
The Romanian Competition Council Never Rings Twice. Not Even When Abroad
We can only imagine how big the surprise must be when you find out that your Belgium-based office is being raided in an investigation by the Romanian Competition Authority.
18 Sep 2018
Do Companies Have The Right To Be Heard During A Dawn Raid?
The Slovenian courts were recently asked to rule on companies' right to be heard during unannounced investigations by the Competition Protection Agency.
15 Nov 2016
Austrian Ban On Most Favored Nation Clauses In The Online Travel Sector - A Benefit To The Consumer Or The End Of Online Booking Services In Austria?
On 14 June 2016, a draft law amending the Austrian Federal Act against Unfair Competition 1984 and the Austrian Price Labelling Act was published for public consultation.
3 Oct 2016
Update - First Gun Jumping Decision Swiftly Followed By Three More
This competition newsletter is an update to our previous insight on the first gun jumping decision of the Hungarian Competition Authority, where we set out the background to the Hungarian suspension clause and the calculation of fines in more detail.
11 May 2016
RPM Judgment Of The Austrian Supreme Court Against Austrian Food Retailer SPAR*
The Supreme Court upheld a decision of the Cartel Court against SPAR, a leading company in the Austrian food retail sector, concerning collusion on resale prices (Resale Price Maintenance; RPM) with suppliers of dairy products.
7 Nov 2015
Competition Authority Fines Retailer Auchan An Unprecedented 1 Billion Forints For Breach Of Hungarian Trade Rules
The Competition Authority found that Auchan unilaterally imposed a fee on its non-food suppliers without a service in return, simply to ensure that the supplier's products were included or remained in Auchan's stock.
7 Apr 2015
Agency Continues Resale Price Maintenance Battle In Food And Retail Sectors
On November 10 2014 the Competition Agency announced that it had concluded another proceeding dealing with resale price maintenance, as prohibited under Article 8 of the Competition Act, which mirrors Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
24 Feb 2015
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Merger Control 2015 - Bosnia & Herzegovina
The authority with competence over merger control in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Competition Council, an independent administrative body established in 2004 and operational as of 2005.
Bosnia Herzegovina
26 Nov 2014
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Merger Control 2015 - Austria
The Official Parties assess notifications in phase I proceedings.
25 Nov 2014
Judgment Sheds Light On Joint Ventures Under The Country’s Merger Control*
Austrian merger control continues to capture non-full-function joint ventures. Joint ventures covered by merger control are sheltered against parallel assessment under the Austrian rules against anticompetitive agreements (no dual control).
4 Oct 2014
The Competition Protection Agency's Fining Policy As A Black Box
Pro Plus has now been also fined with almost 10% of its 2013 annual turnover for a dominant position abuse on the television advertisement market.
9 Sep 2014
New Foreign Investment Approval Requirement Regime As Revised In 2013
No approval is required if the foreign investor is an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen or has its seat (i) in the EU or the EEA, ie in the EU or Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, or (ii) in Switzerland.
28 Jan 2014
Promotional Bonuses – Anything Goes?
Following the abolishment of the Austrian prohibition of promotional bonuses, the admissibility of such sales promotion activities businesses is still confronted with certain pitfalls.
28 Jan 2014
Simply The Best: The Risks In Stating Your Product Is Superior To All Others
The author discusses some important aspects when using superiority claims in advertising and potential sanctions for non-compliance.
28 Jan 2014
Public Intervention In The Electricity Market
On 5 November 2013, the EU Commission published its long-awaited Guidance to Member States on state intervention in electricity markets.
European Union
25 Nov 2013
Amendments To The Competition Act - Update Part II
The Amendments to Croatia’s Competition Act that entered into force at the beginning of July 2013 ("Amendments") inter alia aim at removing the procedural loopholes that had been observed over the past few years (see our legal insight of 27 August 2013 on the changes to the Croatian merger control regime).
5 Sep 2013
Easing Administrative Burden On Companies Filing For Merger Clearance?
The Hungarian Competition Authority has amended the documents – including the merger filing form - related to merger control proceedings.
24 Jul 2013
Competition Authority Announces Ambitious Plans For Reform
At the beginning of 2013 the Competition Authority, which has been under new leadership since 2012, presented plans for future reform to the public.
12 Apr 2013
New Competition Protection Agency Sets Out Enforcement Priorities
The start of 2013 was marked by the long-awaited introduction of a new antitrust authority - the Competition Protection Agency - which will be led by Andrej Krašek.
12 Apr 2013
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