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Du monopole des données et autres sujets : un comité de la Chambre des communes présente des recommandations pour l'élaboration d'une nouvelle politique
Au cours des dernières années, les « mégadonnées » ont occupé une place prépondérante dans la politique en matière de concurrence et d'antitrust.
14 May 2019
Canada's Competition Bureau Loses Major Bid-Rigging Case: 60 Not Guilty Verdicts
A jury in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found nine defendants not guilty on 60 charges of bid-rigging and conspiracy to rig bids.
11 May 2015
House Arrest Off The Table For Cartels And Bid-Rigging
On November 20, 2012, amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada under the Safe Streets and Communities Act (the SCCA) came into force, restricting the availability of conditional sentences for individuals convicted of certain offences, including conspiracy to fix prices and bid-rigging under the Competition Act.
11 Dec 2012
Guilty Pleas In Quebec Sewer Services Cartel
On June 22, 2012, Canada’s Competition Bureau announced that Colmatec Inc. and its operations director, Rénald Drouin, have pleaded guilty in a scheme to rig bids on contracts for specialized sewer services in the province of Québec
5 Jul 2012
Bureau's Investigation Into Aftermarket Auto Parts Industry Results In $1.5 Million Fine For Price-Fixing
On May 4, 2012 the Competition Bureau announced that Maxzone Auto Parts (Canada) pleaded guilty to price-fixing for its participation in an international cartel involving aftermarket replacement automotive lights.
21 May 2012
Competition Bureau Releases New Draft Guidelines On Abuse Of Dominance
The Competition Bureau announced yesterday that it has released its long-awaited revised draft Abuse of Dominance Guidelines outlining the Bureau’s approach to reviewable matters under sections 78 and 79 of the Competition Act.
2 Apr 2012
Novel Costs Award In Trial Of First Buyer-Side Conspiracy Claim For Damages In Canada
The Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta has recently ruled in 321665 Alberta Ltd. v. ExxonMobil Canada Ltd, on several issues relating to costs under section 36 of the Competition Act.
27 Mar 2012
Québec Court Of Appeal Authorizes Price-Fixing Class Action Involving Indirect Purchasers
On November 16, 2011, the Québec Court of Appeal issued a judgment unanimously reversing the 2008 Québec Superior Court decision in Option Consommateurs v. Infineon Technologies AG dismissing the motion for authorization to institute class action proceedings.
25 Nov 2011
Court Of Appeal For British Columbia Bars Indirect Purchaser Suits
On April 15, 2011, the Court of Appeal for British Columbia released judgments in two competition class actions which concluded for the first time in Canada that indirect purchasers of allegedly price-fixed products "have no cause of action recognized in law."
5 May 2011
B.C. Court Of Appeal Endorses An Aggregate Damage Assessment In Price-Fixing Class Action: "Pro-Sys Consultants Ltd. V. Infineon Technologies A.G. (2009) Carswell BC 3035"
In the recent decision "Pro-Sys Consultants Ltd. v. Infineon Technologies AG" (Pro-Sys), a unanimous decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in favour of certification, has given the nod to a class of both direct and indirect purchasers in a price-fixing class action.
15 Dec 2009
Certification In Irving Paper Signals End Of "High Water" For Defendants In Competition Class Actions
In her recent decision in "Irving Paper Ltd. v. Atofina Chemicals Inc.", [2009] O.J. 4051 (S.C.J.), Justice Rady of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued an order granting certification of a price-fixing class action involving both direct and indirect purchasers
15 Dec 2009
Proof Of Loss By Proof Of Gain: B.C. Court Of Appeal Reversal Certifies DRAM Price-Fixing Class Action
On November 12, 2009, the British Columbia Court of Appeal unanimously allowed an appeal from the dismissal of a class certification motion in an action alleging price-fixing against certain manufacturers of DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chips, which are found in a wide variety of electronics products.
25 Nov 2009
Canada Levies Fines Against Bayer Group For Role In International Cartels
On October 30, 2007, the Competition Bureau announced that the Bayer Group pled guilty to three counts under section 45 of the Competition Act
12 Dec 2007
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