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Parent Companies May Pay For Subsidiary's Time-Barred Wrongs
It should be no surprise to companies that they may be held liable for their subsidiaries' cartel wrongdoings.
17 May 2017
UPS/TNT Block Annulled: Need For Speed Does Not Trump Right Of Defence
The General Court recently annulled the European Commission's decision to block UPS's intended acquisition of TNT Express
European Union
20 Apr 2017
The Leniency Dilemma Revisited
Leniency applicant Evonik recently managed to successfully block the publication of a more detailed version of an earlier cartel decision. Time will tell whether this success is a Pyrrhic victory.
European Union
20 Apr 2017
Know Your Algorithms – Or Pay The Price
Companies should be on their toes when using software tools such as pricing or monitoring algorithms that check and adjust prices automatically.
20 Apr 2017
Never Fear, The National Law Implementing The Damages Directive Is Here
The Netherlands recently transposed the Damages Directive into its national law. The Dutch implementing law has not led to fundamental changes to the already existing antitrust damages regime.
23 Mar 2017
Online Sales Restrictions: The Commission Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is
The effects-based approach towards vertical restraints, as applied by the Dutch competition authority, is seemingly losing ground.
27 Feb 2017
Sustainability And Competition: Check The ACM's Decision Tree
Companies are not always sure how much leeway they have under the competition rules to cooperate on sustainability issues.
20 Dec 2016
AG: General Court Should Resit Exclusivity Rebates Test
If it were up to Advocate General Wahl, the General Court would need to reassess its qualification of exclusivity rebates granted by computer chips producer Intel as per se unlawful.
17 Nov 2016
Cooperating Pays Off Even If There Is No Cartel
The European Commission has lowered a fine to be imposed on ARA for blocking its competitors from entering the Austrian household packaging waste management market...
European Union
20 Oct 2016
The Social Side Of Competition: Towards A Fairer Society
Recent statements by the European Commission's President Juncker and Competition Commissioner Vestager imply an increased focus on social aspects when enforcing the EU competition rules.
European Union
19 Oct 2016
All Eyes On You: Competition And Big Data
The ownership and usage of large quantities of data collected online from consumers (big data) is a particularly hot topic in the competition law community.
European Union
19 Oct 2016
Warning: Competition Authorities May Keep Tabs On Your Distribution Contracts
The European Commission recently published its preliminary report on the E-commerce Sector Inquiry, identifying potential competition concerns in cross-border e-commerce of digital content and consumer goods.
19 Oct 2016
Court Hears Cartel Damages Claim Despite Arbitration Clause
An arbitration clause did not prevent the Rotterdam District Court from considering itself competent to review a damages claim initiated by a litigation vehicle against a number of lift manufacturers...
20 Jul 2016
A Subsidiary's Disobedience No Reason To Let Parent Company Off The Hook
According to settled case law, there is a rebuttable presumption that a parent company exercises decisive influence over its wholly-owned subsidiary and can be held responsible for the subsidiary's cartel conduct.
European Union
19 Jul 2016
Transactions With Chinese State-Owned Companies More Likely To Trigger Merger Filing
The European Commission recently published a decision which may significantly impact future transactions involving Chinese state-owned entities.
19 Jul 2016
Shopping Around For Ban On Sales Via Internet Platforms Makes EU Approach Welcome
Lately, the answer to whether competition rules apply to the banning of selling products via third-party online market places seems to depend on who you ask.
European Union
19 Jul 2016
Have Public Money To Burn? Check The Commission's Guidance First
The European Commission recently published guidance on the notion of state aid to help companies and public authorities determine whether public investments first need to be notified to the Commission.
European Union
24 Jun 2016
You've Been Disconnected: The Commission Blocks British Telecom Merger
The European Commission has earlier cleared several 4-to-3 mergers in the mobile telecommunications sector.
21 Jun 2016
EU Competition Authorities Tighten The Screws On Resale Price Maintenance
The seemingly slumbering enforcement of resale price maintenance in some parts of Europe has flared up with almost every competition authority lashing out at companies involved in these pricing practices now.
European Union
18 May 2016
Information Requests In Competition Investigations: No Fishing Please
A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice clarifies that companies should put more thought into answering requests for information by the European Commission.
European Union
18 Apr 2016
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