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Attacking Class Certification On A Motion To Dismiss? A Recent Decision Says There Is A Way
Antitrust class action counsel are in the business of extracting cash from defendants in the form of settlements that are, in effect, a tax on every transaction in the market covered by the case.
United States
11 Jul 2019
New California Court Decisions Showcase Robust CDA Immunity
Three recent court decisions reaffirm the expansive immunity awarded to online providers that host third-party content under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
United States
11 Jul 2019
Three Point Shot - May 2019
After a couple of rounds of litigation, on March 18, 2019, the Supreme Court declined to review an antitrust lawsuit between Topgolf Int'l, Inc. ("Topgolf"),
United States
7 Jun 2019
FTC Announces 2019 Thresholds Under HSR Act And Clayton Act
The Federal Trade Commission has announced revisions to HSR Act and Clayton Act Section 8 thresholds, which are indexed annually to account for inflation
United States
28 Feb 2019
UK's Regulators' Unprecedented Enforcement Action Relating To Land
Prior to 6 April 2011, land agreements were largely excluded from the application of the UK's competition rules.
14 Dec 2018
Regulation Round Up - October 2018
The Competition and Markets Authority published a paper that was prepared jointly with the Financial Conduct Authority setting out the lessons that have been learned from the programme of work conducted by the UK Competition Network.
8 Nov 2018
DOJ Announces First Settlement Under Trump Administration Regarding "No-Poach" Agreement
On April 3, 2018, the Antitrust Division of the U.S Department of Justice ("DOJ") announced that it had reached a settlement in a matter involving a "no-poaching" ...
United States
24 Apr 2018
FTC Announces 2018 Thresholds Under HSR Act And Clayton Act
The Federal Trade Commission has announced revisions to HSR Act and Clayton Act Section 8 thresholds, which are indexed annually to account for inflation.
United States
29 Jan 2018
Third Circuit Splits With The Seventh Over Standing To Sue For Alleged Inefficient Design Of Eye Drop Dispenser
In a surprising decision and split with the Seventh Circuit, the Third Circuit recently held that plaintiffs have standing to sue for unfair trade practices under the theory that a manufacturer is obligated...
United States
7 Dec 2017
Does What Happens Outside The U.S. Stay Outside The U.S.?
As the economy continues to globalize, so too does the reach of antitrust law. Two recent cases illustrate the interaction between international trade and U.S. antitrust law:
United States
29 Nov 2017
Regulation Round Up - October 2017
The Prudential Regulator Authority published a policy statement on strengthening accountability in banking and changes to senior managers regime forms.
European Union
2 Nov 2017
Regulation Round Up - August 2017
The UK Competition and Markets Authority announced a consultation on proposed revisions to its published guidance on penalty setting in Competition Act 1998 cases.
6 Sep 2017
The Eighth Circuit Reignites Claims Of Continuing Conduct In Propane Tank Conspiracy
The district court and a divided panel of the Eighth Circuit dismissed the plaintiffs' claims as untimely.
United States
24 Aug 2017
2017 Antitrust Insights For Merger Activity (Video)
In this video, Colin Kass and Chris Ondeck, Proskauer partners and co-chairs of the firm's Antitrust Group, provide a recap of their Antitrust Insights 2017 seminar.
United States
26 Jun 2017
Can Purchasing Efficiencies Save Mega-Mergers? The D.C. Circuit Says "No"
Efficiencies, economies of scale, and the general desire to improve the customer experience are the lifeblood of all mergers.
United States
11 May 2017
Colorado Court Sends Shepherds' Wage-Fixing Antitrust Suit Out To Pasture
Defendants in a putative class action lawsuit alleging wage fixing antitrust claims no longer need to count sheep to rest easily.
United States
7 Apr 2017
Expanding HSR Gunjumping Enforcement: Swan Song, Or Harbinger Of What's To Come?
The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division settled a matter during the last days of the Obama Administration which involved allegations of HSR Act, gunjumping violations against Duke Energy Corporation.
United States
27 Feb 2017
FTC Announces 2017 Thresholds Under HSR Act And Clayton Act
Primary HSR filing threshold will be raised to $80.8 million
United States
1 Feb 2017
California Court Issues Surprising Decision In Discount Advertising Case
On December 15, 2016, the California Court of Appeals in Los Angeles came to a surprising summary judgment decision in Sajid Veera et al. v. Banana Republic, LLC.
United States
18 Jan 2017
A Bogosian Shortcut Through The Mushroom Patch – The Latest Chapter Of A Fairytale Doctrine
There is no need to presume classwide impact if these factors are met, because the court set forth a mathematical proof of such impact, as in the following example.
United States
16 Jan 2017
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