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Domains & Domain Names In Russia
The administration authority (registry) for the ccTLD .ru (and for the Cyrillic .ρφ) is a non-profit organisation, ANO Coordination Center for TLD RU (the Coordinator).
Russian Federation
12 Jun 2019
Russian Federation
6 Jun 2019
The Matter Of ‘Prior Use'
This means that the prior use of a designation by one company (hereinafter – the brand user) does not preclude another company either from registering the said designation as a trademark
Russian Federation
5 Jun 2019
Russia: Antitrust Report 2018
In 2017-2018 the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) actively continued investigations and proceedings against both Russian and multinational companies,
Russian Federation
28 Mar 2019
Antitrust Report 2018
In 2017-2018 the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) actively continued investigations and proceedings against both Russian and multinational companies, with a large part of its activity addressed at tender-related violations.
Russian Federation
21 Mar 2019
Merger Control
The Russian merger control rules are set forth in the Russian federal law "On the Protection of Competition" (the "Competition Law").
Russian Federation
12 Nov 2018
Russland: Sanktionen Und Russisches Kartellrecht
Eine ganze Reihe von Sanktionen wurden in Bezug auf Russland bereits verhängt, und es ist nicht ausgeschlossen, dass insbesondere die USA weitere Sanktionen anordnen. Auch zahlreiche europäische...
Russian Federation
13 Sep 2018
EU/US Sanctions vs. Russian Antitrust Laws
Foreign sanctions, including secondary US sanctions that are aimed at non-US companies doing business with Russia, are forcing many international companies to carefully evaluate and restructure ...
Russian Federation
12 Sep 2018
The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service Aims To Gain More Control Over Foreign Investments In "Strategic" Entities
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia proposed amendments to the so-called Strategic Investments Law which concerns investments by foreigners in Russian enterprises of strategic importance.
Russian Federation
11 Sep 2018
Evolution Or Revolution? The Constitutional Court Of The Russian Federation Ruling On Parallel Imports
The Constitutional Court is the Russian judicial authority for constitutional oversight which has the power to interpret the Constitution.
Russian Federation
12 Apr 2018
Russian Antitrust Law Enforcement At The Cutting Edge
In 2017, Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) dealt with and talked about digital markets a lot.
Russian Federation
1 Mar 2018
Constitutional Court Explains Options For Fighting Parallel Imports
On February 13, 2018 the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation announced its decision with respect to parallel import cases.
Russian Federation
20 Feb 2018
Neues Urteil des russischen Verfassungsgerichts: Parallelimporte können nicht mehr routinemäßig vernichtet werden
In den letzten Jahren waren Parallelimporte (d.h. der Import von Markenartikeln ohne Zustimmung des Markeninhabers) in Russland effektiv verboten.
Russian Federation
19 Feb 2018
New Russian Constitutional Court Ruling: Parallel Imports Can No Longer Be Routinely Destroyed
In the last few years, parallel imports (i.e. imports of genuine branded goods without the trademark owner's consent) had been effectively prohibited in Russia.
Russian Federation
19 Feb 2018
Russian Court Says Parallel Importation Is Legal
On December 13, 2017, the Arbitration Court of Moscow declared that a warning notice issued by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) against KYB Corporation (KYB) was justifiable...
Russian Federation
18 Jan 2018
Russische Wettbewerbshüter: Unternehmen mit niedrigem Risikoprofil werden von regelmäßigen Kontrollen befreit
Für das Jahr 2018 wurde ein Übergang zu einem risikobasierten Ansatz bei der Durchführung regelmäßiger (planmäßiger) Inspektionen durch die russische Kartellbehörde (FAS) angekündigt
Russian Federation
15 Nov 2017
„Rabatt" Für Kartellrechtliche Compliance: Gesetzentwurf Für Die Reduzierung Von Geldbußen Bei Einrichtung Effektiver Compliance-Systeme In Russland
Der Föderale Antimonopoldienst von Russland („FAS") strebt bereits seit mehreren Jahren die verstärkte Einführung von kartellrechtlichen Compliance-Programmen an.
Russian Federation
14 Nov 2017
Impact On M&A And Joint Ventures In Russia
A new version of the Russian Competition Law amended by the so-called ‘fourth antimonopoly package' came into effect on January 5, 2016 (except for certain minor provisions with an earlier effective date).
Russian Federation
13 Nov 2017
How The Antitrust Legislation Treats Abuse Of Dominant Position Now Much Clearer
Goltsblat BLP advises that Clarifications of the Praesidium of the Federal Antimonopoly Service "On application of the provisions of article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition"...
Russian Federation
8 Nov 2017
Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service Threatens Renault And Others With Prosecution For Unfair Competition
Parallel importation has been a hot topic in Russia for some time. We have covered this topic earlier in the year (see our previously published articles "Parallel Imports Sneak into Russia...
Russian Federation
30 Oct 2017
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