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Geo-Blocking Beware: New EU Rules Greatly Restrict The Ability Of Businesses To Use Geo-Blocking Techniques As Part Of Their Online Sales And Marketing Strategies
Geo-blocking is no longer a laissez-faire matter in the European Union. From December 2018, a new set of rules apply that limits the use of geo-blocking by online businesses operating in the EU.
European Union
17 Apr 2019
Competition Council: Recent Publications
On 6 February 2019, the Competition Council ("Council") published a report detailing the results of its enquiry of the distribution sector in Luxembourg.
11 Mar 2019
Kinstellar Energy Digest Ukraine, December 2018 In Review
In December 2018, the President of Ukraine signed the Law of Ukraine "On Amending the Tax Code of Ukraine and Other Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Improving Administration and Revision
15 Jan 2019
The Santander Autogrill Case: The End Of Round 1
Simply put, at present we have an EU legal framework that identifies any distinction in a tax system as being potentially illegal state aid.
20 Dec 2018
When Freedom Of Contract Slips Into An Abuse Of A Stronger Bargaining Position. The Bulgarian Competition Authority Fines A1, The Bulgarian Subsidiary Of Telekom Austria.
December 2018 – Last week, the Bulgarian competition authority fined A1, the Bulgarian subsidiary of Telekom Austria, a total of BGN 804,340
5 Dec 2018
Romanian Competition Council's Preliminary Conclusions On The Retail Banking Sector Inquiry Launched In 2016
November 2018 – Following the adoption of EU Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and Council of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market ("PSD2"),
23 Nov 2018
No Resale Price Maintenance By Luxlait
By Decision 208-FO-03 of 26 June 2018, the Competition Council ("Council") closed the file against Luxlait for the alleged imposition of resale prices ...
2 Oct 2018
Competition Law Exemption For Webtaxi Pricing Algorithm
Webtaxi S.à.r.l. (previously ProCab) operates a taxi booking platform in Luxembourg, to which Webtaxi affiliates and taxis of competing undertakings (generally through payment of a monthly fee) are linked.
19 Jul 2018
No Fine For Small Supermarket Chains' Cartel
By decision n°2018-FO-02 of 13 June 2018, the Competition Council ("Council") decided not to impose a fine following its own-initiative investigation of a horizontal cooperation agreement...
18 Jul 2018
Commercial Cooperation Amongst Competitors: The Webtaxi Decision Of The Competition Council Of 8 June 2018
On 8 June, the Luxembourg Competition Council exempted an agreement between Benelux Taxis, Inter-Taxis and other Taxi companies who jointly use the Webtaxi reservation centre for taking
4 Jul 2018
Bill Of Law: Simplification Of Access To Certain Professions In Luxembourg
On 22 December 2017, the Luxembourg Minister of Economics filed Bill of law 7228 ("Bill") aiming to amend the Law of 2 September 2011 on access to certain professions, as amended ("2011 Law") ...
23 Feb 2018
Competition: CJUE Landmark Judgment (Intel)
On 6 September 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") rendered a highly anticipated judgment in case C-413/14 P, opposing the US-based microchip manufacturer Intel to the European Commission.
European Union
29 Dec 2017
Selective Distribution And Online Sales
On 6 December 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") rendered a long-awaited judgment in case C-230/16 opposing Coty Germany ...
European Union
28 Dec 2017
CJEU Renders Landmark Judgment In Competition Case Against Intel
On 6 September 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) rendered a highly anticipated judgment in case C-413/14 P, opposing the US-based microchip manufacturer Intel to the European Commission.
European Union
19 Sep 2017
Rejection Of Competition Law Complaint Against Amazon
By its Decision 2017-C-02 of 21 June 2017, the Competition Council rejected a complaint filed against Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. in June 2016 for an alleged abuse of a dominant position...
21 Aug 2017
Confirmation Of Annulment Of EPT Fine For Abuse Of Dominance
In a judgment of 1 June 2017, the Administrative Court confirmed the annulment by the Administrative Tribunal of Decision 2014-FO-07 of the Competition Council ("Council").
21 Aug 2017
Aid Schemes For Research, Development And Innovation – Reform Entered Into Force
On 2nd June, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg published the new law on the renewal of aid schemes for research, development and innovation and on the missions of the national Agency for the promotion of innovation and research.
7 Jul 2017
Régimes d'aides à la recherche, au développement et à l'innovation – Réforme entrée en vigueur
Ce 2 juin, le Grand-Duché du Luxembourg a publié la nouvelle loi portant sur le renouvellement des régimes d'aides à la recherche, au développement et à l'innovation.
7 Jul 2017
Commitment Decision In Public Procurement Context
By Decision 2017-E-01 dated 8 March 2017, the Luxembourg Competition Council has accepted commitments offered by two companies operating in the passenger transport market in response...
17 May 2017
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