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New BVI Commercial Court Judges Confirmed
As the new legal year begins, Conyers is pleased to note that the BVI Commercial Court has confirmed the appointment of the following Judges:
British Virgin Islands
5 Sep 2019
The BVI Commercial Court Confirms Its Pro-Enforcement Approach To Arbitration Awards
Following the passing of the 2013 Arbitration Act and the subsequent establishment of the International Arbitration Centre, the BVI is committed to both the conduct of arbitrations in the jurisdiction ...
British Virgin Islands
24 Jan 2019
A Contractual Term Solid As A Rock
Non-Lawyers may be surprised to know that the omnipotence paradox is a commonly considered topic by law students.
Cayman Islands
13 Sep 2018
Norway Practice Bulletin – 2018
We are pleased to present Conyers' 2018 Norway Practice Bulletin. This annual publication underscores the importance of the Norwegian market to our Bermuda corporate practice.
7 Jun 2018
The Cayman Islands: Open For Business
IF there was any uncertainty that the Cayman Islands is a top jurisdiction of choice for complex litigation and restructuring matters, two cases in 2017 prove ...
Cayman Islands
26 Mar 2018
Limited Partnership Act (British Virgin Islands) Enacted
We are pleased to announce the enactment of the new Limited Partnership Act. The LPA represents the culmination of the efforts of fourteen lawyers from eight British Virgin Islands law firms to create a state of the art limited partnership act.
British Virgin Islands
20 Dec 2017
US FATCA And CRS Reporting Deadline Extended
The DITC has extended the reporting deadline for US FATCA and CRS to 31 August 2017.
Cayman Islands
31 Jul 2017
Fine Tuning Fair Value Appraisals: Further Guidance From The Cayman Court
Having seen a surge in dissenting shareholder litigation over the past 18 months, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands continues to release considered judgments concerning the operation of the appraisal process set out in ...
Cayman Islands
30 Jul 2017
Cape Town Convention To Take Effect In Bermuda On 1 January 2018
Patience is a virtue, or so we are told as children by our parents.
13 Jul 2017
Cayman Confidential
Bernadette Carey explains the Cayman Islands' new legislation on the disclosure of confidential information.
Cayman Islands
10 Jul 2017
Ship Registration In The Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry is a Category 1 British Registry, the highest possible ranking, and is authorised to certify all sizes and types of vessel.
Cayman Islands
13 Jun 2017
Cayman Islands Beneficial Ownership Regime
The Cayman Islands has recently passed legislation requiring certain Cayman Islands corporate entities to maintain beneficial ownership registers at their registered offices ...
Cayman Islands
9 May 2017
The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Listing Rules 2017 Revision
Chapter 14 of the Rules now allows for a greater degree of flexibility with respect to companies that do not have a two year audited financial statements ‘track record' and the prior requirement...
Cayman Islands
9 May 2017
Special Economic Zone In The Cayman Islands Creates New Aviation Services Park
The Cayman Islands is a market leading jurisdiction in both the aviation and shipping industries. In keeping with this, the Special Economic Zone in the Cayman Islands, has recently created...
Cayman Islands
26 Apr 2017
Bermuda Ship Registry Receives ‘Favoured' Status from China
On 16 January, it was announced that Bermuda's ship registry had been granted ‘Most Favoured Nation' status from China.
19 Jan 2017
Bermuda Investment Funds Update – December 2016
Several developments have been underway within the Bermuda investment fund sector, including a number of legislative innovations and lobbying activities.
9 Jan 2017
Bermuda Insurance Update - July 2016
The first half of 2016 has been a significant period for the Bermuda insurance sector.
26 Jul 2016
Offshore Case Digest: Issue No. 11 – Bermuda, The British Virgin Islands And The Cayman Islands
Our goal is to provide a useful reference tool for clients and practitioners who are interested in the development of case law in each jurisdiction.
25 Jul 2016
Navigating Cost Assessments - The BVI Commercial Judge Offers Clarity On Recoverable Costs In The Commercial Division
On 29 April 2016, the Honourable Justice Barry Leon, the Commercial Court Judge in the BVI, handed down a detailed Judgment on the assessment of costs in the Commercial Division.
British Virgin Islands
9 May 2016
A Glimpse Of Bermuda
What makes the Bermuda market unique? Michael Frith highlights similarities between regional markets and this jurisdiction.
4 Apr 2016
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