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Case Law In Mauritius
Welcome to the latest edition of our case law roundup, which considers recent judgments, ongoing cases and legal developments from the courts of Mauritius.
23 Aug 2017
Business Licencing - An Important Consideration For Business Acquirers
The Royal Court of Jersey's decision in Klonowska v The Chief Minister (judgment dated 21 July 2016),
23 Nov 2016
Bermuda Partnerships – A Change For The Better
The amendments introduce a register of charges to be maintained by the Registrar of Companies which register can be used in relation to partnerships which have elected to have separate legal personality.
14 Jul 2015
Permit Companies: An Alternative To Incorporation
The traditional, and the most frequently used, method for an overseas company to establish a presence in Bermuda is to do so by incorporating a Bermuda subsidiary.
23 Jun 2015
Jersey Court Examines Directors’ Duties And Relief From Liability
The Royal Court has recently examined directors’ duties in Jersey law in the case of Vilsmeier v AI Airports International Limited and PI Power International Limited [2014] JRC 257.
14 Apr 2015
Long-Overdue Changes To The Jersey Companies Law
Until now, barely a week could go by without someone entering into a long-standing debate about whether an "upstream" guarantee could be a distribution for the purposes of Jersey Law.
10 Sep 2014
The New Companies Ordinance
Hong Kong’s new Companies Ordinance is designed to modernise Hong Kong companies and make them easier to operate.
Hong Kong
12 Mar 2014
Some Factors To Consider When Becoming A Director
A company’s business activities must ultimately be conducted by individuals – company directors -- notwithstanding that a company has a distinct legal personality.
19 Feb 2014
The Companies (Beneficial Owner) Act 2012
Following on from our recent article on the Companies Act 2011, the Companies Act 2012 further demonstrates the Isle of Man’s commitment to seeking transparency in the ownership of companies.
Isle of Man
12 Jun 2013
The Companies (Prohibition Of Bearer Shares) Act 2011
A bearer share is a share which is represented by a certificate, warrant or other document which states or otherwise indicates that the bearer is the owner of the share.
Isle of Man
12 Feb 2013
New BVI Business Companies Act And Regulations Reforms In Force
Following a process of public consultation in 2011, the BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2012 ("Amendment Act"), and accompanying BVI Business Companies Regulations 2012 (the "Regulations"), were introduced into the BVI’s Parliament (the House of Assembly) in May and June 2012, respectively.
British Virgin Islands
15 Oct 2012
Investor Side Letters: Mind The Gap
The Cayman Islands court has delivered judgment in a high-value dispute concerning the effectiveness of investor side letters and whether restructuring agreements limited an investor's redemption rights under the fund's articles.
Cayman Islands
13 Aug 2012
Cross Border Mergers
Directive 2005/56/EC of the European Parliament and Council on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies was implemented in the UK by the Companies Regulations 2007.
Isle of Man
10 Aug 2012
A Review Of The Regime Governing The Dissolution And Restoration Of Solvent Companies In BVI
When the BVI Business Companies Act (the "BCA") was enacted in 2004, it contemplated that Companies Regulations would subsequently be made "generally for giving effect to this Act and specifically in respect of anything required or permitted to be prescribed by this Act".
British Virgin Islands
2 Aug 2012
Alternative Investment Fund Directors – Experience Is Key
The global financial crisis has reinforced the importance of ensuring that directors have sufficient knowledge and experience to discharge their duties effectively.
1 Jun 2010
Summary Of Winding Up Of A Jersey Company
A Jersey company may be subject to a summary winding up under Part 21 of the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991, as amended (the "Law") where the company is solvent.
6 Jan 2010
A Comparative Analysis Of Security Registration Requirements In Offshore Jurisdictions
This article compares the laws of five offshore jurisdictions – Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Mauritius and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) – concerning the registration of charges created over assets of companies (not including charges over land within the offshore territories, ships or aircraft).
Hong Kong
27 Jul 2009
Corporate Restructuring Involving BVI Companies
Over the last five years, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has introduced new provisions that will be of particular interest to corporate groups worldwide that contain one or more of the hundreds of thousands of BVI companies in existence.
British Virgin Islands
24 Jul 2009
Further Jersey Company Law Amendments
The last few years have seen the world of offshore finance become increasingly competitive.
6 Apr 2009
Cash Box Placings
The current difficulties experienced by companies raising debt finance is making the use of Jersey Cash Box companies increasingly popular as a fast and efficient way of enabling a United Kingdom public company to raise equity capital for an acquisition through a placing of its shares.
6 Apr 2009
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