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Changes In The Croatian Companies Act And Court Register Act
Croatia introduced significant changes to the Companies Act and the Court Register Act on 20 April 2019 with the main goal of easing the incorporation of (simple) limited liability companies.
21 May 2019
Transactions Under Political Scrutiny A New FDI Regime In Austria
Following the adoption of the new EU framework for screening of foreign direct investments, the Austrian government recently published a draft bill to amend the current rules on foreign direct investments into Austria.
21 May 2019
New Purchaser, New Rules. CPC Clears The Acquisition Of Nova TV By Domuschievi Brothers In "Fast-Track" Proceeding
In July 2018, following an in-depth investigation and in a rather hasty and controversial decision, the Commission on the Protection of Competition ("CPC")
14 May 2019
Don't Jump The Gun! Mergers May Be Caught In The Romanian Competition Council's Crossfire
Gun jumping refers to premature enforcement of a merger before obtaining clearance from the competition authority.
23 Jan 2019
Hungarian Competition Authority Revokes Its Decision Clearing Digi's Acquisition Of Invitel And Imposes A Significant Fine
The HCA also resorted to a dawn raid during the original proceeding, which is a new instrument in merger control cases.
18 Jan 2019
Filling The Gaps In Polish Corporate Law
On 30 November 2018, a new law implementing several changes to existing legislation (1), notably to the Civil Code and the Commercial Companies Code, as well as to tax laws, was announced.
7 Dec 2018
CEE: EU & Competition Monthly Bulletin - September 2018
Stay informed about the latest developments in competition law in Central and Eastern Europe with Schoenherr's multi-jurisdictional newsletter. Each issue offers insight into developments in merger control, anti-trust, as well as public and private enforcement in the region.
European Union
11 Oct 2018
First Decisions Prohibiting Concentrations Issued In Bulgaria
On 19 July, 2018 the Bulgarian Commission for the Protection of Competition (the "CPC") prohibited two concentrations.
8 Aug 2018
Merger Control: Guidance Paper On New Transaction Value Thresholds In Austria And Germany
In the second half of 2017 both Austria and Germany introduced transaction value based thresholds as alternatives to purely turnover based thresholds that trigger the obligation to obtain merger control approval.
16 Jul 2018
Cybersecurity: Why It Matters In M&A Transactions
The scope of cybersecurity due diligence needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
30 May 2018
Does The Right To Privacy Play Any Role In Merger Control Proceedings?
One might be surprised to read that data protection rules might also impact the competitive assessment of a concentration within merger control proceedings.
11 May 2018
Disclosure In The Context Of Private M&A Transactions
Disclosure is a key element of private m&a transactions. It is primarily used in the context of representations and warranties as well as for procedural / structural aspects.
8 Mar 2018
Privacy-Related Representations In M&A Agreements
Companies regularly store information about their customers, clients, employees, investors, partners and vendors. Privacy and data security are therefore important aspects of most m&a transactions.
8 Mar 2018
The EU Capital Markets Union New Prospectus Regulation Finally Published In Official Journal
On 30 June 2017, Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2017 on the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading...
European Union
4 Jul 2017
Significant Amendments To Austrian Competition Law - Part II (Merger Control)
On 6 April 2017 the Austrian Parliament adopted significant amendments to the Austrian merger control system, introducing a transaction value test that extends the reach of Austrian merger control.
11 Apr 2017
Hospital Consolidation - a Driver of M&A Activity
2016 has seen a surprising level of deal activity in the (private) Austrian hospital sector: in Vienna, PremiQaMed, a 100 % subsidiary of UNIQA insurance group, acquired a 75 % stake in the renowned private hospital "Goldenes Kreuz", and the hospitals Hartmannspital and St. Elisabeth announced a merger to form the new "Franziskus" hospital.
20 Feb 2017
Transfer Of An Enterprise: Acquisition Of Ownership
The new Czech Civil Code effective 1 January 2014 introduced new rules for determining the moment of legal effectiveness of the transfer of an enterprise.
Czech Republic
15 Jun 2016
New Inspection Act In Effect: Be Inspection-Ready
The new Inspection Act came into force on 29 April 2015, with the majority of its provisions coming into effect as of 29 April 2016.
27 May 2016
Management And Supervisory Board Liability Under The New Business Judgment Rule
Modelled on Sec 93 para 1 of the German Stock Corporation Act, a 2015 reform of the Austrian Criminal Code introduced a "Business Judgement Rule" into the Austrian Stock Corporation Act and the Limited Liability Companies Act.
21 Apr 2016
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