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Update On Cayman Islands Legislative Amendments
Update on Cayman Islands Legislative Amendments.
Cayman Islands
7 Oct 2019
Weavering: Privy Council Rules On Preferences In The Cayman Islands
In mid-December, Mr Peterson directed that certain redemption requests be paid immediately, including those made by SEB.
Cayman Islands
31 Jul 2019
Down The Rabbit Hole And Through The Looking Glass: The Cayman Islands Scheme Of Arrangement Under The Magnifying Glass
The Cayman Islands has long established itself as a leading offshore financial centre which offers a sophisticated and flexible restructuring toolkit by which to implement cross-border restructurings.
Cayman Islands
18 Jul 2019
Off With His Head! An Offshore Perspective – Is The "Headcount Test" Heading For The Guillotine?
Off with his head! An offshore perspective – Is the "headcount test" heading for the guillotine.
Cayman Islands
6 Jun 2019
Cayman Islands
22 Apr 2019
Effective, Economic Or Expeditious: The Grand Court Appoints Both FTI Consulting And BDO As Official Liquidators
Effective, Economic or Expeditious: the Grand Court Appoints Both FTI Consulting and BDO as Official Liquidators.
Cayman Islands
17 Apr 2019
有关China Biologic – 股东资格
有关China Biologic – 股东资格
Cayman Islands
8 Feb 2019
Re China Biologic – Shareholder Standing
A recent judgment in the matter of David Gao v China Biologic Products Holdings, Inc, has provided guidance regarding the standing of shareholders to commence certain proceedings against Cayman Islands companies.
Cayman Islands
29 Jan 2019
Comparison Of Companies - Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey And Ireland
The decision as to where to incorporate an offshore company can only be made based on the specific features of the transaction in question.
14 Nov 2018
Private Trust Companies - Updated: 05 July 2018
A settlor, when establishing a trust, will typically draw from the following categories of potential trustees:
11 Oct 2018
Jersey - The Uses Of Jersey Foundations
The purpose of this briefing note is to set out some of the benefits of Jersey foundations. A Jersey foundation is designed to blend the highly attractive features of both Jersey companies...
Cayman Islands
11 Oct 2018
Overcoming Majority Rule: The Minority Oppression Remedy In Bermuda
The notion of majority rule is the basis on which almost all corporate affairs proceed. This concept reflects the doctrine of corporate democracy ...
27 Jul 2018
An Empty Toolbox: Adjusting Shareholder Rights In The Winding Up Of A Cayman Islands Investment Fund
A recent judgment of the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal1 (CICA) has over-turned an earlier decision of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (Grand Court) which had conferred the power...
Cayman Islands
21 Mar 2018
When Is A Consent Order Not A Consent Order? Cayman Court Clarifies Position
No explanation was provided, and the dissenters made demand for payment after the date for payment had passed.
Cayman Islands
1 Sep 2017
Protection Of Dissenters' Rights - Appointment Of Forensic Experts
As such, Mangatal J. confirmed that "the circumstances of the case warrant the Court granting orders in relation to the appointment of a forensic expert to carry out a forensic audit.
Cayman Islands
21 Aug 2017
Protection Of Dissenters' Rights
In a recent case before the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, in the first decision of its kind, Walkers has successfully argued that the Court does have the power to order an interim payment...
Cayman Islands
24 Mar 2017
Members Claims Under The BVI Business Companies Act
Walkers Partners Rosalind Nicholson and John O'Driscoll and associate Cate Barbour acted for the successful defendants in an important case.
British Virgin Islands
9 Dec 2016
Loss Of Substratum: ‘A Modern Context'
The recent decision of Mr Justice Nigel Clifford in Re Harbinger Class PE Holdings (Cayman) Ltd has revisited a line of local authority developed over the past 6 years.
Cayman Islands
23 Sep 2016
BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015
The BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015 has been published in the BVI's Official Gazette.
British Virgin Islands
17 Nov 2015
The Privy Council Provides Guidance On The Use Of Share Register Rectification Claims To Determine Title To Shares
Walkers is often asked to advise on the extent to which section 43 of the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 ("BCA") can be relied on to determine disputes concerning legal title to shares.
British Virgin Islands
26 Oct 2015
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