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Proposed Changes To Public Offers Of Securities
The law governing offers of shares and other securities to the public is to be brought into line with EU law, under proposed changes published by the Council of Ministers on 29 August 2012.
13 Sep 2012
Shorter Prospectuses For Pre-Emptive Offers, SMEs And Small Caps From 1 July 2012
From 1 July 2012, prospectuses published in connection with pre-emptive offers and by SMEs and small cap Main Market companies, will be shorter and cheaper to produce.
16 Jul 2012
Banks’ Freedom Restricted With Respect To Consumer Loans
In its Ruling No. 15-рп/2011 (the "Ruling"), dated 10 November 2011, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (the "CCU") ruled that provisions of Article 11 of Law of Ukraine No. 1023-XII "On Consumer Rights Protection", dated 12 May 1991, as amended (the "Law") apply to all consumer loan agreements between banks and borrowers not only at the stage of the conclusion of such agreements but also during their performance.
30 Nov 2011
Amendments To The Loan Market Regulation
On 22 September 2011, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted Law of Ukraine No. 3795-VI "On Amendments to Several Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding Regulation of Legal Relations between Creditors and Receivers of Financial Services" (the "Law").
19 Oct 2011
Terms And Conditions For State And Municipal Guarantees Changed
On 7 August 2011, the Law of Ukraine No. 3614-VI "On Amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine and Several Other Legislative Acts of Ukraine" (the "Law") came into force. Among other changes to the Budget Code of Ukraine, the Law introduced amendments to Article 17 which deals with state and municipal guarantees (i.e. guarantees issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (the "CMU"), the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (the "Council of ARC") and/or city councils, to secure
23 Aug 2011
New Regulation Of Land And Mortgage Registers And Mortgages In Poland
An amendment to the Land and Mortgage Registers and Mortgages Act of 1982 entered into force in February 2011.
25 Jul 2011
Reverse Mortgage Loan
On 26 April 2011, the Ministry of Finance adopted a subsequent version of the draft assumptions for the Reverse Mortgage Loan Act (the previous version is dated 19 April 2010).
13 May 2011
CMS Guide To Real Estate Finance
Whilst there may not be many new lending opportunities for the real estate sector in Europe this coming year, in considering existing and new loans lenders are cautiously considering and analysing their borrowers' structures and security from a commercial and legal perspective.
28 Mar 2011
Secured Lender Denied Place on Creditor's Committee
A Czech court has ruled that a lender was ineligible to join the insolvent borrower’s creditors’ committee because the share pledges and other security it had taken made it effectively the borrower’s holding company.
Czech Republic
26 Nov 2010
Ukrainian Sureties: If an NBU License to Transfer Foreign Currency Abroad is Required
On 15 November 2010 the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) issued Letter No. 13-210/5939-20044, in which it clarified its position on the transfer of foreign currency abroad by Ukrainian residents who act as guarantors/sureties of a borrower's obligations to non-resident creditors.
26 Nov 2010
Words Not Clear Enough To 'Wash Off' Junior Creditors
A recent case will be of interest to all those involved in negotiating the restructuring of groups of companies labouring under too much debt where there is a hierarchy of lenders.
7 Oct 2010
Central Bank Urges Commercial Banks to Curb Loans to Energy-Intensive Industries
On May 28, 2010, the People's Bank of China ("PBOC") and the China Banking Regulatory Commission ("CBRC") jointly issued a circular, titled Opinions on Providing Financial Services to Further Support Energy Saving and Emission Reduction and Closing-down of Backward Production Capacities (the "Circular").
17 Aug 2010
Hotel Valuers and Investors Reminded of Risks with Complex Hotel Rent Calculations
A recent case in the UK courts has provided a timely reminder to valuers that they have to fully understand the complex rent calculations in hotel leases in order to properly carry out their valuations.
9 Jun 2010
Reverse Mortgages To Be Introduced
Reverse mortgages are to be introduced, enabling those aged 60 and above to borrow against the value of their homes in order to reduce their financial dependence on their families or the state.
21 May 2010
Unfriendly Foreign Investment and Trans-Border Lending Restrictions Soon to Be Abolished
The Parliament of Ukraine has recently passed the draft Law of Ukraine No. 6122 "On Introduction of Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Lending and Stimulation of Foreign Investment" (the "Law No. 6122").
7 May 2010
PFSA Issued Risk Management Recommendations
The Polish Financial Supervision Authority issued a recommendation setting out good practice principles for retail credit risk management by the banking sector, known as ‘Recommendation T’, which will come into force within a few months.
14 Apr 2010
The Taxation Of Interest Under Syndicated Loans
The State Tax Inspectorate, in a letter dated 29 October 2009, explained how to calculate the tax payable on interest in respect of a syndicated loan from foreign creditors to a Ukrainian bank, acting as a borrower.
24 Dec 2009
Foreign Currency And Investment Regulation Toughen
On 19 November 2009, the President of Ukraine signed Law No. 1533-VI which was adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on 23 June 2009.
24 Nov 2009
The Mortgage Market Review: Major Reform For The Mortgage Market
FSA has proposed a fundamental change in its approach to regulation of the mortgage market, its hope being that these radical proposals will not only eliminate the irresponsible behaviour of some firms but also "help protect consumers from themselves".
5 Nov 2009
No Stamp Duty On Shareholder Loans
Companies have good grounds for claiming reimbursement of any stamp duty they paid on loans received from shareholders in 2007-2008.
2 Nov 2009
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