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How Do Donor Advised Funds Work?
Q: I normally donate $5,000 to charity every year, but this year my tax preparer suggested I create a donor-advised fund to maximize my tax deduction. What is a donor-advised fund and how does it work
United States
6 May 2019
The New Hampshire Foundation Act: A Solid Foundation For Wealth Management On A Global Scale
New Hampshire recently signaled its intention to be one of the leading states for fiduciaries to consider by enacting The New Hampshire Foundation Act, making it the first state to permit the establishment of civil law foundations.
United States
19 Mar 2019
When Is An "Assignment" Clause Worth Fighting For?
Q. My small business is negotiating with a vendor who has asked to remove our contract's "assignment" clause entirely.
United States
12 Mar 2019
How Should I Structure My New Business?
Q: I recently started a new business in New Hampshire. What is the best way to set up my business that is simple, yet enables me to grow the business in the future?
United States
6 Feb 2019
Employers Beware, The Government Shutdown Did Not Stop IRS Collection Activity
Although the government shutdown appears to be over, at least temporarily, businesses will need to deal with the aftermath of the lengthy shutdown.
United States
31 Jan 2019
Complying With Federal Partnership Audit Rules
Q: My business is an LLC taxable as a partnership and has only a few members. I understand that the new federal partnership audit rules may require me to name a "partnership representative."
United States
7 Jan 2019
Can A Business Operate Legally With Only Exempt Employees? The Employee Classification Corn Maze
Routinely on Linked In and various human resource association list serves, questions pop up which pique the interest of employment law practitioners.
United States
14 Dec 2018
Legal Fees Generally Aren't Recoverable
A. Although it depends on the particular factual circumstances, generally speaking, legal fees are not recoverable in the majority of litigation proceedings.
United States
23 Oct 2018
S Corp Shareholders Take Note
New tax law contains some pitfalls that should require switching your tax regimen.
United States
11 Oct 2018
If You're A Shareholder Of A NH S Corp, You Might Be Making A Mistake
As you may know, on Dec. 22, President Trump signed into law, as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, an amazing new provision of the Internal Revenue Code called Section 199A.
United States
27 Sep 2018
FLSA Experts, Please Help. Can A Small Biz Have All Exempt Employees?
Perusing LinkedIn, as I often do over morning coffee, I saw this plea on one of the human resources groups I follow.
United States
29 Aug 2018
What Every Business Lawyer Should Know About The New IRC Section
On December 22, 2019, new Internal Revenue Code Section 199A was signed into law as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). It became effective on January 1, 2018.
United States
28 Aug 2018
How One IRS Change Could Impact NH Small Businesses
On Jan. 1, new Internal Revenue Code Section 199A became effective under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
United States
4 Jul 2018
Can I Put Home In A Revocable Trust?
Q: Can I put my home in a revocable trust for estate planning purposes while my mortgage loan is still outstanding?
United States
5 Jun 2018
Using An Advisory Board As A Planning Tool
Only a third of family businesses survive from the founding generation to the next.
United States
21 Mar 2018
Key Commercial Lease Terms Tenants Should Consider
I'm expanding my business and looking at leasing a new commercial space. What are the key lease terms I should be aware of?
United States
24 Jan 2018
The Risk Of Member Deadlock
There are about 10,000 two-member LLCs in good standing under New Hampshire law.
United States
22 Jan 2018
Top Labor Law Violations: Are You In Compliance?
New year brings new opportunity to revisit pay, recordkeeping practices.
United States
22 Jan 2018
Is Equity Crowdfunding Right For Your Growing Business?
The term "crowdfunding" generally means the process of raising capital by many, relatively small, investments from a large number of "investors" (the "crowd") utilizing an internet platform to do so.
United States
9 Jan 2018
Mysteries Of Metadata: What To Watch Out For In Commercial Litigation Cases
You just sent the client's answer to a 35-page complaint and counterclaims to the court for filing when you notice a new email from opposing counsel.
United States
8 Jan 2018
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