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Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Extends Deadline For SIBL Excluded Persons To 15 August 2019
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ('CIMA') has issued Notices under Regulation 53A of the Anti-Money Laundering (Amendment) Regulations
Cayman Islands
2 Sep 2019
New SIBL Law Sets 15 January 2020 Deadline For Cayman 'Excluded Persons' To Become 'Registered Persons' With CIMA
The new Cayman Islands ('Cayman') Securities Investment Business (Amendment) Law, 2019 (‘Law') ('SIBL') has passed, amending the ('SIBL') Securities Investment Business Law
Cayman Islands
30 Aug 2019
New Show And Tell Regulations For Cayman Trustees
Two new pieces of Cayman Islands ("Cayman") legislation have introduced important new obligations for trustees of Cayman trusts and Cayman trust companies.
Cayman Islands
30 Aug 2019
Cayman Trusts (Amendment) Law 2019 In Force From 14th June 2019
The new Cayman Islands ('Cayman') Trusts (Amendment) Law 2019 (‘Amendment') will bring welcome amendments to enhance the existing Cayman regime under the Trusts Law (2018 Revision) (‘Trusts Law').
Cayman Islands
19 Jun 2019
BVI Beneficial Ownership Registration Regime
The topic of corporate transparency through the creation of a central registry of company beneficial ownership information has been extensively debated in recent years and came to the political fore at the Lough Erne...
29 Nov 2017
The Impact Of The Common Reporting Standard On Trusts
When the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was first introduced by the USA, there was a degree of reluctance among some in the finance industry to engage with it.
United States
8 Nov 2017
Sham Trusts, The High Court And "Putin's Banker"
On 11 October 2017, the High Court released its latest judgment in the long running saga between Mezhprom Bank and its liquidator, the DIA, and Russian businessman Mr Sergei Pugachev ..
European Union
8 Nov 2017
Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts
Non-charitable purpose trusts are expressly provided for by the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 as amended (the "Trusts Law").
27 Oct 2017
Private Trust Companies - 01 Sep 2017
A private trust company ("PTC") is a useful vehicle to consider in the planning and establishment of trust structures for high net worth and ultra high net worth families.
20 Oct 2017
Will Foundations In Jersey Draw Upon Jurisprudence In Civil Law Countries, Or Will They Develop Separately, Drawing Parallels With The Law And Practice Relating To Trusts And Companies?
Foundations were introduced in Jersey in 2009 pursuant to the Foundations Law 2009, providing an alternative to trusts for the increasing numbers of the Island's clients who are more familiar with the concept...
23 Aug 2017
And So To Beddoe: Trustee Indemnities For Litigation Costs
A recent decision of the Cayman Islands (‘Cayman') Grand Court (‘Court') considered how to balance the competing interests of a trust which partly owned an asset and a claimant looking to enforce judgment...
Cayman Islands
31 May 2017
Guernsey Funds 02 May 2017
Guernsey is, for many, the jurisdiction of choice for the establishment and/or administration of all types of collective investment vehicle, including private equity, hedge and property funds...
11 May 2017
To Protect & To Serve
The role of protector is generally a product of the offshore world, largely originating from the desire to assuage settlors' fears about retaining some element of control over assets...
26 Apr 2017
Guernsey Document And Records Retention
It also looks at the general considerations which businesses ought to bear in mind when considering how and for what length of time to keep documents and records.
16 Mar 2017
Guernsey Register Of Beneficial Ownership
Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee has recently submitted its proposals for the establishment of a register of beneficial ownership for consideration by the States of Guernsey...
1 Mar 2017
Trust Sector And Continued Litigation. How Can Guernsey's Trust Legislation Respond?
Generally speaking beneficiaries and trustees alike would all agree that litigation involving a trust should be avoided if at all possible.
24 Jan 2017
Protectors And Jersey Trusts
It is common for Jersey trusts to include provisions appointing a protector and vesting in the protector varying degrees of responsibility for overseeing or intervening in the administration of a trust.
9 Jan 2017
Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authority Limited - Listings
The key advantages to listing on the Official List of the Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authority Limited (the "CISEA").
6 Dec 2016
UK Reits And The Channel Islands Securities Exchange
Since the relaxation of the UK REIT regime, Bedell Cristin has acted as Jersey counsel and/or CISE listing sponsor in relation to the majority of new REITs that have been listed on the CISE.
24 Nov 2016
Security Interests (Jersey) Law 2012
The Security Interests (Jersey) Law 2012 came into full force on 2 January 2014. The Law significantly reforms the way in which security may be taken over Jersey intangible movable property...
24 Nov 2016
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