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Trustees: Can You Blindly Rely On The Expertise Of Your Directors?
Trust structures will often involve trustees holding shares in companies; those shares forming part of the trust fund held by the trustees for the benefit of the trust and the beneficiaries as a whole.
Isle of Man
4 Mar 2019
Company Officers Under Increasing Scrutiny…But Help Is At Hand
"Put his own interests above those of the company" "Buried his head in the sand" "May not have undertaken their duties in a fit and proper manner" ….
Isle of Man
5 Jun 2018
DQ Acts In GVC's Proposed Takeover Of Ladbrokes Coral
DQ Advocates acted as sole Isle of Man legal advisor for GVC Holdings Plc ("GVC") in its successful bid for, and proposed acquisition of, Ladbrokes Coral ("Ladbrokes")...
Isle of Man
13 Feb 2018
Daughter Wins USD 200m Breach Of Trust Claims Against Her Own Mother
Crociani v Crociani: A bitter family dispute was finally brought to an end after 5 years following the Royal Court of Jersey's finding in favour of daughter Cristiana who alleged a series of breaches...
Isle of Man
19 Dec 2017
Have Data Protection Laws Changed Trust Law On Disclosure?
A landmark decision was handed down by the Court of Appeal (England and Wales) on 16 February 2017 in respect of beneficiaries using subject access requests under data protection law ...
Isle of Man
30 Nov 2017
Trustees: Limit Your Liability And Obtain Your Costs
In the case of X (as Trustee of the A Trust) v Y (as Beneficiary of the A Trust) (unreported) 15 March 2017...
Isle of Man
2 Oct 2017
Guidance For Trustees: When Should You Submit To The Jurisdiction Of A Foreign Court?
In the recent case of A Limited FURBS [2017] 21/2017, the Guernsey Court held that, in the exceptional circumstances arising...
7 Aug 2017
The Life Of A Trust Part Six: Termination Of The Trust
There are a number of ways in which a Trust may end. This may involve action taken by the Trustees, the Settlor, the Beneficiaries, a third party or the Court.
Isle of Man
13 Mar 2017
Failure To Prevent Or The Death Of The Three Wise Monkeys
Following the successful introduction of ‘failure to prevent' offences in the areas of bribery and tax evasion, the UK government is priming another possible corporate offence with a call for evidence launched on 13 January 2017, to end on 24 March 2017, on ‘corporate liability for economic crime'.
Isle of Man
6 Feb 2017
When Is A Person Mentally Capable Of Entering A Contract?
There is currently, and rightly, much focus on mental health problems and illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.
Isle of Man
18 Jan 2017
The Life Of A Trust Part Five: Requests For Information By Beneficiaries
During the lifetime of the Trust, it is likely that the Trustee will receive requests for information about the Trust, or its administration, from a beneficiary.
Isle of Man
16 Jan 2017
The Life Of A Trust Part Four: Distributions
When considering a request by a beneficiary for a distribution from a Trust Fund, a Trustee should first ensure that they have power under either the terms of the trust instrument...
Isle of Man
12 Jan 2017
Cobbler Required For DQ
Senior Associate Leanne McKeown addressed the ACSP's packed AGM at the end of October on the topic of "Employment Law Developments – Equality and Whistleblowing".
Isle of Man
14 Dec 2016
The Life Of A Trust Part Three: Changing Trustees
Isle of Man trusts may continue for a number of years, (and indeed in perpetuity following the Trusts Amendment Act 2015), during which time it may be necessary for a change in trustees.
Isle of Man
12 Dec 2016
The Life Of A Trust Part Two : Trustees' Duties
Once appointed, a Trustee is subject to a number of duties. A Trustee's overriding duty is to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the Trust.
Isle of Man
15 Nov 2016
The Life Of A Trust Part One: Creation
Creating a trust involves more than simply drafting a trust document and arranging for it to be signed.
Isle of Man
21 Oct 2016
Whistleblowing – A Safe Alternative To Silence
On 1 January 2017 the Financial Services Rule Book 2016 comes into operation. With this will be the requirement on all Isle of Man licence holders to establish, implement and maintain an effective whistleblowing policy.
Isle of Man
19 Oct 2016
Flexibility In Corporate Restructuring: Schemes Of Arrangement
The scheme must represent a genuine compromise by which the members and creditors obtain some advantage that compensates them for the alteration of their rights.
Isle of Man
26 Sep 2016
New Data Protection Regulations - Got 2 ½ Days And A Decent Pen?
Good, because that's how long it took me to read through all the detail on the Information Commissioner's web site about the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.
European Union
9 Sep 2016
Registration Of Security Created By Isle Of Man Companies Against UK Property
Despite the abolition of the Slavenburg register by the UK Overseas Companies (Execution of Documents and Registration of Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 ("the Regulations"), DQ still receive some requests to register charges granted by Isle of Man companies over property in the UK.
Isle of Man
1 Sep 2016
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