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Finding The Best Law Firm In Abu Dhabi
In the UAE, many law firms exist but not all firms possess advocacy & legal consultancy license that allows a lawyer to present a case in the court of law
United Arab Emirates
13 Sep 2019
Force Majeure Clauses And The Limitation Of Liability
Force majeure roughly translates to 'superior force' and is used when referring to unforeseeable events taking place.
United Arab Emirates
4 Sep 2019
Land Department's Decision To Cancel Registration Of Off Plan Properties (Decision From Court Of Cassation In Dubai And Law 19 Of 2017)
Due to the importance of the real estate market in Dubai, especially the sales system on the map, which allows the investor to buy through installments
United Arab Emirates
30 Aug 2019
Corporate Cross Border Acquisitions
Recently there has been a noticeable wave of mergers (especially in the banking sector) within the GCC. Just in 2017, there were 85 mergers in the UAE
United Arab Emirates
22 Aug 2019
Dual License Initiative In Abu Dhabi
In September 2018, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADED) had announced its first phase of the Dual Licenses Initiative
United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 2019
Formation Of NZ Business Council In Dubai By The Dubai Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the DCCI) recently announce that it will be forming the New Zealand Business Council (the NZBC).
United Arab Emirates
23 Jul 2019
The Legality Of Termination For Convenience Clauses
Under the global laws for international contracts and agreements, it is highly significant to identify the clauses which put forth the concept of termination for convenience.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2019
The Proposed UK Merger Control Regime
Generally, countries introduce merger control regimes that are assessed based on competition criteria.
13 Jun 2019
Cybersecurity In Corporate Governance
The historical backdrop of cybersecurity started with a research venture. A man named Bob Thomas understood that it was feasible for a computer program to move over a system
United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2019
Cybersecurity In Corporate Governance- A Global Purview
The historical backdrop of cybersecurity started with a research venture. A man named Bob Thomas understood that it was feasible for a computer program to move over a system,
United Arab Emirates
5 Jun 2019
Electronic Registration System – Commercial Pledges For Saudi Arabia
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment made an announced regulation for the Unified Registry for Commercial Pledges.
Saudi Arabia
4 Jun 2019
Syndicate Loan Agreement And Relevant Clauses
Almost every day, we witness the birth of several new innovative projects, worth billions of dollars of investment. Many often ponder the origins of such investment.
United States
24 May 2019
Singapore International Arbitration Centre
Singapore has been growing in popularity for international arbitration with the support of the government's policy to facilitate the best arbitration Centre in the region.
21 May 2019
Business Setup In Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Arabia company law recognized four types of business entities: the joint stock company, the limited liability company (LLC), the partnership as well as the branch of a foreign company.
United Arab Emirates
17 Apr 2019
Business Setup In Kuwait Mainland
The business environment in Kuwait is dynamic as well as flexible.
United Arab Emirates
16 Apr 2019
Differences Between EPC And Design-Build Delivery- English Law Compared With GCC
Any manufacturing company primarily delves on the basics of production efficiency, innovation, cost management and time to market which are the critical factors ...
United Arab Emirates
5 Apr 2019
Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) And Foundations
As a company within the Middle East, there are many seemingly insurmountable risks, such as financing, asset transfers or high-risk opportunities, which risks previously held no viable risk
United Arab Emirates
2 Apr 2019
The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia's New Commercial Mortgage Law Of 2018
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared a new commercial mortgages law (the "New Law") by the Royal Decree Number M/86 dated 08/08/1439H (which corresponds to April 24, 2018)
Saudi Arabia
19 Mar 2019
Commercial Mediation In The UAE And The Laws Governing Mediation
Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution system (ADR) wherein the matter at issue is solved with the help of a mediator without recourse to the court of law.
United Arab Emirates
22 Feb 2019
Oman Ban On Door To Door Sales And Services
Selling products on a door to door basis is a tactic that certain businesses use to spread the word on their services or products, or it may be used in the case of certain smaller business ...
18 Jan 2019
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