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Blockchain Legal Resource: New FinCEN Guidance On Virtual Currency
On May 9, 2019, FinCEN, the U.S. federal agency charged with combating money laundering, issued two new interpretive documents of interest to the crypto community.
United States
29 May 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource; FinCEN Announces First Enforcement Action Against Peer-to-Peer Virtual Currency Exchange
On April 18, 2019, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN") announced its first enforcement action against a peer-to-peer virtual currency exchanger
United States
24 May 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: The Initial Exchange Offering
As this short video explains, the "initial exchange offering," or IEO, is the latest innovation in the offer and sale of cryptocurrencies.
United States
23 May 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: New York Attorney General Announces Court Order Against Crypto Exchange
On April 25, 2019, the New York Attorney General announced that it had obtained a court order enjoining iFinex Inc. (operator of the Bitfinex digital asset trading platform)
United States
15 May 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: DFS Denies Bittrex Applications For New York Virtual Currency And Money Transmitter Licenses
In a letter released to the public on April 10, 2019, New York's Department of Financial Services (DFS) denied Bittrex's two separate applications to engage in a virtual currency business
United States
2 May 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: SEC Staff Issues Security Token Framework
After months of teasing, on April 3 staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") issued a long-awaited Framework for "Investment Contract" Analysis of Digital Assets.
United States
16 Apr 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: Colorado Enacts Digital Token Act
The latest state to confront the utility token issue, Colorado, recently enacted the Digital Token Act (the Act). The Act amends the provisions of the Colorado Securities Act that require
United States
1 Apr 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource Blog: Seeking Clarity In The Use Of Blockchain Technology For Securities Trading
The Council of Institutional Investors and Templum, Inc. each recently submitted comments to the SEC to call for the agency to embrace blockchain technology in a variety of contexts regarding the registration and transfer of securities.
United States
21 Mar 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: New Congress Considers Crypto Legislation
The 116th Congress is off to a busy start, and various members in both the House and Senate have introduced a wide range of bills impacting blockchain technology and digital currencies.
United States
14 Mar 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: Federal Court Lacks Personal Jurisdiction Over Defunct Virtual Currency Exchange
To date, virtual currency exchanges in the United States have structured their operations in an effort to avoid being required to register as an exchange with either the SEC or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
United States
6 Mar 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: On Reconsideration, SEC Obtains Preliminary Injunction Against Blockvest ICO
In a case being closely watched by the crypto community, a California federal judge reversed his earlier decision and, on reconsideration, issued a preliminary injunction against ICO issuer Blockvest LLC.
United States
28 Feb 2019
Blockchain Legal Resources: Florida Court Finds Virtual Currency Subject To Money Service Businesses Law
On January 30, 2019, a Florida appellate court reversed the trial court's dismissal of State v. Espinoza, instead holding that a Bitcoin business was both a money transmitter and a payment
United States
21 Feb 2019
Pennsylvania Issues Money Transmitter Act Guidance For Virtual Currency Businesses
The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities recently issued guidance under the Money Transmitter Act ("MTA") for entities engaged in various forms of virtual currency business in the commonwealth.
United States
18 Feb 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: USPTO's Latest Guidance Should Ease The Burden For Blockchain Patent Applications
On January 7, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued further guidance on patent subject matter eligibility
United States
11 Feb 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: Wyoming Legislature Considers Digital Asset Legislation
A vigorous competition among the states to regulate digital assets has begun to develop. Some states, such as New York, have adopted regulations that take a very proscriptive approach to regulation in the interest of consumer protection.
United States
29 Jan 2019
Thinking Outside The Homeowners Insurance: Additional Unique Risks Covered By This Household Staple
Civil litigation stemming from hazing incidents is not uncommon.
United States
21 Jan 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: Texas Issues Updated Guidance For Virtual Currency Businesses
Not only do operators of virtual currency businesses face a growing body of overlapping federal regulations, but they must also contend with a patchwork of state laws as well.
United States
18 Jan 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: CFTC Seeks Comment On Ethereum Mechanics And Markets
In a recently published Request for Information ("RFI"), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") seeks public comment on the underlying technology ...
United States
21 Dec 2018
Blockchain Legal Resource Blog:Congress Considers Bipartisan Bills To Prevent Virtual Currency Manipulation
Virtual currencies and the underlying blockchain technology has a profound potential to be a driver of economic growth.
United States
17 Dec 2018
Blockchain Legal Resource: CFTC Publishes Primer On Smart Contracts
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") recently published a detailed primer on smart contracts.
United States
12 Dec 2018
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