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OCR Reminds Business Associates Of Direct Liability For Noncompliance With HIPAA Rules
The HHS Office for Civil Rights ("OCR") recently issued a new fact sheet ("Fact Sheet") addressing direct liability of business associates for violations of the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.
United States
18 Jun 2019
BIPA Litigation Offers No Legislative Reprieve To Employers – Yet
As we previously reported, the Illinois Supreme Court held in Rosenbach v. Six Flags Enter. Corp. that Illinois employees do not have to allege actual harm to state a cause of action under the Illinois BIPA.
United States
14 Jun 2019
Supreme Court Challenges Privacy Litigants To Demonstrate Article III Standing
In Frank v Gaos, the United States Supreme Court wrestled with the continuing challenges of "standing" in internet privacy litigation.
United States
10 Apr 2019
‘Aggrieved Persons' Can Bring Suit Under Biometric Information Privacy Act
With the new Illinois Supreme Court ruling, such suits will continue.
United States
31 Jan 2019
OCR Seeks Public Input On Potential Modifications To The HIPAA Rules
On December 14, 2018, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) published a Request for Information (RFI) that seeks public input on how the agency might modify the HIPAA Privacy,
United States
9 Jan 2019
Why We Permit Fake Identities, Even For Russian Disinformation Campaigns
A detailed report on Russia's disinformation campaign notably never questioned the fact the Russians had the opportunity
28 Dec 2018
NIST Announces Collaborative Privacy Framework Initiative
On September 4, the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced it has initiated a collaborative project to develop a voluntary privacy framework.
United States
17 Sep 2018
Seventh Circuit Lets Data Breach Suit Proceed For Credit Monitoring And Lost Use Of Credit Card Damages
In a blow to retailers and other businesses subjected to data breaches, the Seventh Circuit has reinstated a class action brought by consumers against Barnes & Noble arising from a 2012 breach.
United States
23 Apr 2018
WHOIS That Infringer?
When a website infringed your trademark or copyright, or otherwise violated your rights, the first place you likely went was to the WHOIS database, to find out who owned and operated that website.
United States
4 Apr 2018
Why Privacy Policies Are Key For Corporate Sweepstakes
One of our many valued sweepstakes clients is Subway®. We've had the pleasure of working with Subway® on local and regional sweepstakes, and employee incentive programs for several years.
United States
28 Dec 2017
Illinois Takes The Lead On Employee Privacy: What Employers Need To Know
When it comes to employee privacy protection, employees in the United States generally do not have a right to privacy in their workplace.
United States
28 Sep 2017
Who Reads Privacy Policies?
Americans' privacy is protected on the Internet and mobile apps by a classic disclosure system — we expect those who collect, use, and transfer data to disclose their practices.
United States
12 Jun 2017
Mobile Targeting: A ‘Secret Weapon' For Good Or Ill?
A recent Massachusetts case highlights the tension inherent in geo-location targeted ads as well as special concerns that crop up when advertisers target consumers using health care metrics.
United States
9 May 2017
Mobile Targeting: A ‘Secret Weapon' For Good Or Ill?
It's an advertiser's dream — the ability to target customers through their mobile devices, right to down to where they are and what they are doing.
United States
3 May 2017
Privacy And The Internet Of Medical Things: What's A Curmudgeon To Do?
One of the authors of this piece uses a medical device that is wirelessly networked to the device's vendor.
United States
24 Apr 2017
Will September Assessment Scuttle EU-US Privacy Shield?
Ever since being finalized in July of 2016, the EU-US Privacy Shield has faced considerable criticism.
United States
13 Apr 2017
Did U.S. Executive Order Signal Trouble For EU Citizen Privacy Rights?
As President Trump settles into office, his administration has issued a flurry of executive orders aimed at reshaping the U.S. government.
United States
24 Feb 2017
Is Encryption The Key To Your Data Security?
Encryption is a way of "scrambling" data in such a way that without a key to "unscramble" it (or decrypt it), the data is unreadable.
United States
25 Jul 2016
Colorado Jumps Into Student Data Privacy Protection With New Privacy Law
The recognized trend in data privacy is that those collecting or storing personally identifying information ("PII") are required to safeguard and protect that information.
United States
25 Jul 2016
What You Need To Know About The New EU-U.S. Data Transfer Pact
In October 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU"), in its Schems decision, struck down protections afforded by the 2000 CJEU "Safe Harbor Decision."
European Union
20 Jul 2016
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