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Cyber Security: Three Quick Wins For In-House Counsel
Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges businesses currently face, as cyber-attacks make national and international news headlines on an almost daily basis.
22 Jul 2016
Brexit - Implications For Data Protection
Following the recent Leave vote, many businesses will no doubt be left bewildered as to the likely short-term and long-term effects that Brexit will have on UK data protection law, and what these effects will mean in practical terms.
22 Jul 2016
Legal View: What A Brexit Could Mean For Data Protection And UK Businesses
The referendum on Britain's continued membership of the European Union is to be held on 23 June.
29 Apr 2016
EU Court Blocks Transfer Of Personal Data To The U.S. Via ‘Safe Harbor' Arrangement
On October 6, 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union ('ECJ') issued a ground breaking ruling, by blocking the transfer of personal data from Europe to U.S. undertakings relying on the U.S. Safe Harbor scheme.
European Union
19 Apr 2016
Mossack Fonseca Could Face Action From Clients As Well As Regulators
Mossack Fonseca, the Panama based law firm is at the centre of a furore following what has been described as one of the largest data breaches ever reported.
13 Apr 2016
Employee Privacy - Does It Still Exist?
A recent European Court of Human Rights case has attracted much publicity in the UK press as giving employers the green light to read employees' private emails. This is wrong.
European Union
4 Feb 2016
European Court Of Justice Declares The U.S. "Safe Harbour" Data-Sharing Scheme Invalid
A recent decision by the CJEU which declared the US Safe Harbour Scheme to be invalid could have major implications for multinational organisations that transfer personal information from Europe...
European Union
2 Nov 2015
Ashley Madison Cyber-Attack
The Ashley Madison hacking scandal is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the site's reported 37 million users around the world.
27 Jul 2015
Data Protection Update – Summer 2015: Turning Up The Heat
This year has so far seen two significant developments which potentially increase the risk of regulatory action and/or litigation against companies that process personal information.
13 Jul 2015
Vidal-Hall v Google - Potential Headache For Data Controllers
The appeal ruling relates to a preliminary stage of the proceedings (i.e. in this case whether or not the claimants should have permission to serve English proceedings out of the jurisdiction on Google in the US).
13 Apr 2015
Malkay Mackay Investigation – Mob-Handed Approach To Mobile Use?
We examine the right an employer has to monitor and take action on the basis of an employee's personal messages sent on company mobile phones.
3 Oct 2014
When Is It OK For Employers To Monitor Employee’s Social Media Profiles?
With recent advances in technology, the boundary between an employee’s personal and work life has become blurred.
26 Sep 2014
Gone But Not Forgotten?
Google may now be forced to remove personal information from its search results after the CJEU stated that EU citizens have a 'right to be forgotten'.
European Union
30 May 2014
EU Pushes Ahead With Public Registers Of Trusts
The European Parliament voted on amendments to the draft Fourth Money Laundering Directive including the issue of public registers of trusts.
European Union
21 Mar 2014
Google Facing Claim For New Tort Of Misuse Of Private Information And Breaches Of Data Protection Legislation
A recent case could have important ramifications for individual internet users and businesses who send targeted advertisements to those users.
14 Mar 2014
Ten Steps To Cyber Security
A non-financial risk that every board of directors needs to consider and manage is that of cyber security.
3 Feb 2014
Fitness For High Public Office A Matter Of Public Interest
The Court of Appeal has concurred with the High Court that the publication of private information relevant to an individual's character was justified where the public was entitled to consider his fitness for high public office.
11 Jun 2013
Suspended Jail Sentence For Breach Of Privacy Injunction
Two individuals have been given a suspended jail sentence of nine months for breaching the worldwide privacy injunction that protects the killers of James Bulger.
10 Jun 2013
Another Database Right Infringer Goes To The Wall
The English High Court's recent decision in Executive Grapevine v Wall provides another example of claimants making good use of database right in order to protect their IPRs.
13 May 2013
Digital Assets And Personal Data
We are holding increasingly valuable items online, but the law as to how such items pass on our death is far from clear.
14 Nov 2012
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