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California Sets The Curve With New Regulations On Collection And Use Of Student Data
When one thinks of the use of technology in school, often the first image that comes to mind is of students sending ill-advised Snapchats and making in-app purchases.
United States
8 Sep 2014
What You Need To Know About Backoff Malware: The New Threat Targeting Retailers
If you are a retailer that permits the use of remote desktop applications in your business, the name Backoff should be considered much more intimidating.
United States
6 Aug 2014
Privacy Monday: July 14, 2014
Children, according to Whitney Houston, are our future, but they are also, according to the Federal Trade Commission, willing to spend unlimited amounts of money to purchase virtual items within mobile applications.
United States
15 Jul 2014
Backlash Over Facebook Timeline Experiment Serves As A Reminder: User Expectations Still Trump Fine Print
You’ve likely experienced the phenomenon where a single event manages to raise the ire of a large number of your Facebook friends.
United States
10 Jul 2014
Making Privacy Practices Public: The California Attorney General’s New Guidelines Keep The Focus On The Consumer’s Perspective And New Disclosure Requirements
The CalOPPA was amended to require web sites and other online services to make additional privacy policy disclosures related to online tracking transparency.
United States
6 Jun 2014
"Selfie" Assessment – 4 Key Lessons From Snapchat’s Settlement With The FTC
We are approaching a time in which most adults will be disqualified from being elected to public office because of something they posted on their social media account.
United States
14 May 2014
Stop Phoning It In On Mobile Security: What Your Business Needs To Know About The FTC’s Settlements With Fandango And Credit Karma
You probably think that the worst thing that Fandango has ever done to you is make you watch those commercials with the paper bags before your movie.
United States
4 Apr 2014
Over 20 Million Customer Accounts Affected By Data Breaches In California; Attorney General Harris Promises Increased Enforcement
When you think of online events that have a devastating effect on millions of people, you think of HBO Go crashing during the True Detective finale.
United States
19 Mar 2014
Privacy Monday – March 10, 2014
Today's Privacy Monday is a bit longer than usual – but an important read, particularly if you are a mobile app developer.
United States
11 Mar 2014
California Moves To Restrict Collection Of Consumer Personal Information Online: The Process, History And Politics Behind Senate Bill 383
The California Senate has passed a bill restricting the information that certain online retailers can collect in connection with consumer purchases. Senate Bill 383 would amend Sections 1747.02 and 1747.08 of the California Civil Code to address the collection of customer information in connection with credit card purchases in online transactions for downloadable products.
United States
7 Feb 2014
On The Eighth Day Of Privacy, My Mobile Apps Know Everything About Me . . .
Of all the "Days of Privacy" looking forward to 2014, we believe that the issues surrounding mobile applications and privacy will see some of the most intense regulatory focus …. read on, and be prepared….
United States
21 Dec 2013
On The Second Day Of Privacy, California Gave To Me……
2013 was a busy year for California. We passed a budget with a surplus, let Kim and Kanye get engaged in one of our stadiums and panicked over possibly losing Sriracha sauce.
United States
12 Dec 2013
Collection Of Email Addresses In Credit Card Transactions May Be Prohibited By California Law
The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California has held that the prohibition against requesting or requiring personal identification information in connection with credit card transactions contained in California’s Song-Beverly Credit Card Act extends to consumer email addresses.
United States
12 Dec 2013
The Dark Cloud Over Nordstrom’s Black Friday: California Law May Prohibit Retailers From Collecting Email Addresses At Checkout
This past weekend if you survived the towel aisle and other Black Friday dangers and made it to the register to purchase your items, it is possible you were asked to provide an email address so that your receipt could be emailed to you.
United States
4 Dec 2013
Big Brother Is Watching You (Shop For Pants): Mobile Analytics Firms Implement Code Of Conduct For Tracking Customers While They Shop
If you’ve ever dealt with that pushy salesperson at Bed, Bath & Beyond who won’t take your word for it that you’re just browsing and not ready to commit to a high-end home espresso machine, you know that being followed around at a retail store can be unsettling and intrusive.
United States
12 Nov 2013
Consent Isn’t The Only Consideration: NY Comic Con Attendees Disagree That Hijacking Twitter Accounts Makes The Event "100x Cooler! For Realz."
The comic book industry is no stranger to displays of heroic anger and berserker rage, but over the weekend New York Comic Con (NYCC) was on the receiving end of considerable fan fury after it began ghostwriting effusive tweets about NYCC and posting on the Twitter pages of NYCC attendees in a way that made it appear as though the attendee was the author of the tweet.
United States
18 Oct 2013
Golden State Privacy Warriors: California Has Just Passed A Number Of Data Privacy Laws; Here Are Your Next Steps
The federal government may be completely unable to pass laws, but that certainly isn’t the case with the State of California, which has just completed a data privacy hat trick by passing three significant laws addressing a broad subset of data privacy issues.
United States
9 Oct 2013
A Different Kind Of Adobe Update: Adobe Announces Data Breach Compromising Information Of 2.9 Million Customers
Adobe Systems Inc.,announced earlier today that has been the victim of a cyber attack that has compromised information of 2.9 million of its customers.
United States
4 Oct 2013
Google Must Face Most Claims In Keyword Wiretap Class Action
If you were on Google’s home page yesterday at the office, you probably spent more time than you care to admit playing the "help the letter ‘g’ hit the piñata" game that Google created for its 15th birthday.
United States
30 Sep 2013
Your Cat’s Name Could Soon Be Your "Personal Information": 4 Steps You Can Take To Prepare Yourself For The Proposed Expansion Of California’s Data Breach Notification Requirements
Along with a number of other data privacy bills, the California legislature has sent Senate Bill 46 to Governor Jerry Brown for signature. S.B. 46, together with companion bill A.B. 1149, would amend Sections 1798.29 and 1798.82 of the California Civil Code to expand the definition of "personal information."
United States
12 Sep 2013
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