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Ogier's BVI Dispute Resolution Team Continues To Grow
Ogier in the BVI has welcomed two new litigators - Daniel Mitchell and Katherine Bradley – to its dispute resolution team, who have joined as senior associate and associate respectively
British Virgin Islands
14 Oct 2019
Soft Touch Provisional Liquidators In The BVI: Constellation Overseas Ltd, Pointing The Way
In December 2018, the BVI Commercial Court appointed ‘soft touch' provisional liquidators to Constellation Overseas Ltd, a BVI incorporated company, and five of its BVI incorporated subsidiaries.
British Virgin Islands
18 Jul 2019
When Do Directors Owe Their Duties To A Company's Creditors Rather Than Its Shareholders?
The Court of Appeal has recently ruled in BTI 2014 LLC -v- Sequana SA & Ors [2019] EWCA Civ 112 that an otherwise lawful dividend may still be found to be a transaction defrauding creditors.
British Virgin Islands
4 Jul 2019
Fairfield Sentry: Privy Council Confirms That New York Courts Can Apply BVI Insolvency law To Void Preference Payments
The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (the ‘Privy Council') delivered its decision in the latest round of Madoff litigation on 20 May 2019.
British Virgin Islands
19 Jun 2019
Shadow Directors In The BVI: Who Are They, What Duties Do They Owe And What Are Their Risks?
As a major incorporation jurisdiction, the issue of shadow directorships is an important and practical one for the BVI. There are 3 types of company director recognised by BVI law:
British Virgin Islands
7 Mar 2019
BVI High Court Appoints "Light Touch" RPLs In A First For The Jurisdiction
The BVI High Court, Commercial Division has, in a first for the jurisdiction, appointed "light-touch" joint provisional liquidators ("RPLs")
British Virgin Islands
12 Feb 2019
Soft Touch Provisional Liquidation Available In The BVI
The BVI Commercial Court today handed down a landmark judgment appointing ‘soft touch' provisional liquidators.
British Virgin Islands
11 Feb 2019
Bankruptcy Court Allows Fairfield Liquidators To Proceed On Clawback Cases
In October 2016, the Liquidators sought leave to amend their complaints filed in the U.S. Redeemer Actions.
British Virgin Islands
12 Dec 2018
In Your Court: The Offshore Dispute Resolution Review November 2018
Welcome to the final In Your Court of 2018, featuring commentary on major cases and judgments from our BVI, Cayman, Guernsey and Jersey teams.
British Virgin Islands
26 Nov 2018
Taking Security Over A BVI Limited Partnership Interest – Issues For Lenders
We note that interest is growing in the new form of British Virgin Islands limited partnership that can be registered under the Limited Partnership Act 2017 (the "Act").
British Virgin Islands
13 Aug 2018
Lending & Secured Finance Guide 2018: BVI
The jurisdiction has implemented the OECD Common Reporting Standards.
British Virgin Islands
20 Apr 2018
Re King Bun Limited: Re-Affirming When The Case Should Be Tried In The BVI
Conyers Dill & Pearman act for a group of minority shareholders of a BVI company known as King Bun Limited in a derivative action against its Hong Kong based directors for damages caused to the company ...
British Virgin Islands
28 Feb 2018
BVI Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Client Update (January 2018)
In the January 2018 edition of our dispute resolution and insolvency bulletin, we review eight cases from the BVI Commercial Court and BVI Court of Appeal from the past year.
British Virgin Islands
7 Feb 2018
BVI Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Client Update – January 2018
In the January 2018 edition of our dispute resolution and insolvency bulletin...
British Virgin Islands
26 Jan 2018
BVI Judgment: Limitations On The Court's Supervisory Jurisdiction Over Its Officers
On 20th November 2017 the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in the latest round of litigation arising out of the fallout of Bernard Madoff's multi-billion-dollar ponzi scheme.
British Virgin Islands
29 Nov 2017
Fairfield Sentry Limited (In Liquidation) – Court Of Appeal Decision – 20 November 2017
In doing so, the Court of Appeal clarified two important points of BVI law and practice which will be of widespread application...
British Virgin Islands
28 Nov 2017
BVI Court Clarifies Scope Of Norwich Pharmacal Jurisdiction
The BVI Court has recently clarified the scope of the Norwich Pharmacal jurisdiction set out in UVW v XYZ.
British Virgin Islands
7 Nov 2017
RIP: Winding Up A BVI Company Through Voluntary Liquidation
BVI companies are commonly incorporated without a specific termination period. However, once they have served their useful business purpose their owners must consider the best way of terminating the entity.
British Virgin Islands
21 Aug 2017
Restructuring And Insolvency
Harneys partner Andrew Thorp and senior associate Mark Rowlands contributed "British Virgin Islands: Restructuring & Insolvency" in The In-House Lawyers, Restructuring & Insolvency Country Comparative Guide.
British Virgin Islands
11 Aug 2017
The Insolvency Review - Fourth Edition (British Virgin Islands)
BVI law is a mixture of statute and common law. The principal statute governing corporate and personal insolvency in the BVI is the Insolvency Act 2003, which is supported by the regulations...
British Virgin Islands
19 Jul 2017
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