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Visa Extension For Divorced Women
The authority confirms that under the concerned scheme the visa can only be renewed once.
United Arab Emirates
16 Apr 2019
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Can I Get Child Custody If My Husband Is A Drunk?
UAE law calls for the maintenance of a favourable and holistic environment for children.
United Arab Emirates
29 Nov 2018
Call For 'Urgent' Change In UAE Divorce Law Sparks Debate
Legal experts weigh in after legal expert calls for divorce law for women to be tightened
United Arab Emirates
13 Nov 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&A: Can I Divorce My Cheating Husband While Pregnant?
My husband and I are married and live in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
22 Oct 2018
Family Matters Q&As: My Pregnant Wife Wants A Divorce And Has Left The UAE - What Can I Do?
In my publication this week, I discuss about the UAE Personal Status Law in different situations.
United Arab Emirates
19 Sep 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: How To Protect Your Assets In A Divorce
In my publication this week, I explain about the asset protection at the time of divorce and the rights of the wife in the divorce contract to have a mutual divorce.
United Arab Emirates
4 Sep 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Can My Wife Divorce Me In Her Home Country?
In my publication this week, I point out the family matter regarding the reason for divorce and the jurisdiction of the court
United Arab Emirates
8 Aug 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: How Long Must I Be Married Before I Can File For Divorce?
In my publication this week, I explained that, there is no time limit for a woman to file a divorce in the family court.
United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&A: Will My Ex-Husband's Appeal Case Affect My Alimony Appeal?
In my publication this week, I would like to discuss alimony for women divorce.
United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Husband Of Pregnant Woman Wants A Divorce
My husband and I have been living in the UAE for two years and we're both from Asia.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Husband Has Sent Me Home So How Can I Retrieve What's Mine?
My husband filed for divorce in our home country and cancelled my visa, so I was forcefully sent home by him and my in-laws.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 2017
Your Guide In Family Cases
In this article we will guide you to better understand the legal process which is followed in most family disputes.
United Arab Emirates
2 Jun 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Does Saying 'I Divorce You' Count If I Said It While Drunk?
I am a Muslim woman from Asia who was married to a fellow Muslim from the West. We divorced amicably but now we want to remarry. Is this possible in the UAE?
United Arab Emirates
30 May 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: What Do I Need To Discuss With My Husband For An Amicable Divorce?
Question: I want to have an amicable divorce from my husband but I am a European woman and he an Asian Muslim man, so I'm not sure what points I should discuss with him.
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Can I Sponsor My Ex-Wife?
Question: I'm a Western expatriate who has divorced my wife but I would like to know if I can I still sponsor her, although she is no longer my wife?
United Arab Emirates
25 Apr 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: I'm Getting A Divorce But Now I Need Financial Support From Husband
Question: I'm an expatriate who's filed for a divorce from my husband and requested custody of my children and financial support. However, the case is taking longer than I expected.
United Arab Emirates
7 Apr 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Can I Remarry My Ex-Husband if My Father Refuses Consent?
I am an Asian Muslim woman who married my husband in an Islamic marriage ceremony.
United Arab Emirates
29 Mar 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&A: My UAE-based Husband Wants To Divorce Me But I Love Him
I'm a Muslim woman from Asia whose husband converted to Islam before we got married in our home country under Sharia.
United Arab Emirates
23 Mar 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&A: Types Of Divorce Under Sharia Law
There are two types of divorce, revocable and irrevocable.
United Arab Emirates
8 Mar 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&A: What Are A Woman's Rights When Her Ex-Husband Kidnaps Their Children?
Question: A close friend got divorced through Dubai Courts about a year ago and was granted custody of her two children, girls aged 9 and 4.
United Arab Emirates
2 Mar 2017
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