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Where there is a Will, there is a way
The reality is, the time to plan your estate and make a Will is now, because when you do need it, it will be too late.
New Zealand
23 Sep 2019
Prenups – not just for the rich and famous
A prenup allows you to contract out of the Property (Relationships) Act and set your own rules for division of property.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2019
Review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 - for a just division of family property
This Issues Paper provides recommendations intended to ensure a just division of property at the end of relationships.
New Zealand
26 Nov 2018
Surrogacy – who gets what?
Perhaps some sort of allowance should be made for surrogate birth mothers when recovering from the act of giving birth.
New Zealand
23 Jun 2018
Family Protection Act: (un)enforceable contracting out provisions
A contractual clause that attempts to prevent one party from exercising rights under the FPA is void and unenforceable.
New Zealand
31 May 2018
Relationship property reform – have your say
The Law Commission wants to know what you think about the Property (Relationships) Act and whether reform is needed.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2017
Enduring Powers of Attorney - changes coming into force
From 16 March 2017, EPAs in the old forms that are not fully executed will need to be re-done on the new forms.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2017
New year, new plan? ...
With your life plan in place, it may also be a good time to consider your 'legal health' and your plan for the New Year.
New Zealand
7 Feb 2016
Clayton v Clayton: Trust busting
The Court of Appeal found that the settlor's right to exercise a power of appointment constituted relationship property.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2015
Clayton v Clayton: nipping the Illusory Trust in the bud
This was the first NZ case where the concept of an "illusory trust", as distinct from a "sham trust", was considered.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2015
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