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Do You Want To File A Case For Theft?
Larceny, shoplifting, burglary and embezzlement of funds are some common crimes falling under the criteria of theft.
United Arab Emirates
15 May 2019
Abetting In Crime: Criminal Accountability For Parties Involved
It is clear from the factual background that A will commit the robbery and others will only assist him in the commission of this crime.
United Arab Emirates
8 Apr 2019
Criminal Lawyers In Dubai: Misconducts Surrounding Rape Offense
The terror of physical assault not just hinders with the freedom of women, it likewise misrepresents and increase their dependency on men.
United Arab Emirates
4 Apr 2019
Drinking Alcohol In UAE: How To Avoid Jail Time?
UAE's nightlife is a dream for tourists but doesn't let it become a nightmare.
United Arab Emirates
25 Mar 2019
Travel Ban In UAE: All You Need To Know
"The freedom of movement and residence will be granted within limits of laws" quotes from Article 29 of the UAE constitution offers freedom and simultaneously curtail it on the basis of law.
United Arab Emirates
20 Feb 2019
UAE Joins Nations Monitoring Offenders Through Electronic Tagging
The Law No. 17 of 2018 provides for an alternative to imprisonment in certain offences and subject to certain restrictions, which we have amplified in the following part herein.
United Arab Emirates
4 Jan 2019
Good Bye To Entangling Investigations, Minor Crimes To Be Disposed Within One Day In The UAE.
Criminal Order is a new procedural system established by the amendment to the UAE Criminal Procedure Law, which envisages efficient and seamless transition of workflow with the goal to lessen the judicial workload.
United Arab Emirates
14 Dec 2018
UAE Legal Q&As: A Cheque I Issued Bounced, Will I Go To Jail?
Question: I gave a Dh100,000 cheque to one of my suppliers. Due to my cash flow issue, the cheque bounced. Can I go to jail or has the law changed in Dubai?
United Arab Emirates
7 Feb 2018
Legal Problems Of Alcoholism And Drugs Assumption
According to the criminal law in Dubai it is illegal to consume alcohol without a validly issued permit.
United Arab Emirates
22 Nov 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: Can I Avoid Jail If I Pay The Back The Amount I Owe From A Bounced Cheque?
I own a small company in Dubai. All of our professional communication and dealings with one of our customers are through fax.
United Arab Emirates
13 Nov 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: What Would Sentence Be For Someone Inhaling Glue In The UAE?
Question: I have an Asian friend who came to Dubai on a visitor's visa but he was arrested for inhaling glue. What would the sentence be for such an offence?
United Arab Emirates
22 Jun 2017
UAE Legal Q&A: Is It Possible To Request The Return Of A Cheque?
A friend of mine gave a cheque to a supplier to deliver goods but the goods were not received. Does my friend have the right to instruct the receiving bank to not cash the cheque?
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2017
UAE Legal Q&A: Is There A Time Limit For Filing A Criminal Case About Bounced Check?
I received a cheque from somebody and I submitted it to my bank within six months of receiving it.
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2017
Referral After Completion Of Investigation
The court notice has to indicate what the charges are and what the penalties are.
United Arab Emirates
3 Apr 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: Does Psychological Problems Excuse Me From Suicide Attempt Charges?
I've been having family problems and I'm in a bad psychological state.
United Arab Emirates
31 Mar 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: What Can Friend Expect After Arrest Over Medicine At Airport?
A friend of mine called me recently to say that he had been arrested at Dubai airport for carrying prescription medicine without the prescription.
United Arab Emirates
16 Mar 2017
Rules And Regulations Followed In Criminal Cases
In all hearings, Prosecutor has to attend and the Court has to consider his request and give their decision.
United Arab Emirates
14 Mar 2017
Witness Hearing Before The Criminal Courts
The witnesses have to be invited to attend the hearing on the basis of a request from one of the parties. After the approval of the court. The official notice will have to be sent at least 1 day before the hearing date.
United Arab Emirates
9 Mar 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: What Are The Laws On Suicide Attempts?
After a fight with my husband, I tried to commit suicide and cut my wrist.
United Arab Emirates
23 Feb 2017
Pretrial Imprisonment Order
The Public Prosecution, ordinarily, has a discretionary power to issue the pretrial imprisonment order unless there is a special case described in different regulations and provisions.
United Arab Emirates
19 Jan 2017
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