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Cyber-Attacks And Business Secrets - Protection Under Criminal Law
Business secrets are essential assets of companies, and are often the reason for a company having a competitive lead in a market.
26 Jul 2019
Liking, Sharing And Posting: Legal Responsibility And Social Media
Social Media is omnipresent these days and individuals as well as companies increasingly use these instruments as communication and marketing tools.
24 May 2019
A New Regulation On FDI Screening In Europe
On 5 March 2019, the Council of the EU approved a new framework to screen foreign direct investments ("FDI") coming into the EU. This concludes a legislative process kicked off in 2017.
European Union
21 Mar 2019
Which Compliance Programme Can Exculpate Your Company From Criminal Liability?
Business corporations have been criminally liable in the Czech Republic since January 2012
Czech Republic
30 Nov 2018
Non-Compliance in the Healthcare Sector - Iceberg Ahead!
If anyone needed a wakeup call as to how critical a functioning compliance system and culture is, look no further than the recent reports in the Austrian media about allegations of fraud launched against a surgeon working at one of Vienna's most renowned public-sector hospitals.
9 Oct 2018
New Rules On Confiscation To Fight Crime
On 27 April 2017, an amendment to the Polish Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code implementing Directive 2014/42/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 April 2014...
16 Nov 2017
Environmental Protection Through Criminal Law – Excesses, Omissions And Other Flaws
The issue of environmental crime has been addressed in international and European for many years
21 Sep 2017
Fifth Anniversary Of Mediation In The Czech Republic
Mediation as an alternative to classic dispute resolution in other than criminal matters was formally incorporated into the Czech legal system in September 2012.
Czech Republic
16 Aug 2017
The Austrian Law On The Responsibility Of Associations: New Tendency To Prosecution Authorities To Target Companies As First Shot
According to new tendencies of prosecution authorities, the practical scope of the VbVG could expand in the future.
27 Jun 2017
Compliance program zachránil první společnost před trestní odpovědností
Městský soud v Praze zastavil počátkem února 2017 trestní stí- hání proti společnosti AGROTEC a.s., podezřelé ze spáchání trestného činu v sou- vislosti s veřejnými zakázkami.
10 May 2017
Amendments To The Criminal Code - Criminalization Of Restrictive Agreements In Serbia. Who Should Be Concerned?
The recent amendments to the Criminal Code, which will take effect on 1 March 2018, introduce the criminal offence of conclusion of restrictive agreement. The new Article 229 of the Criminal Code...
26 Jan 2017
2016 Brought Some Substantial Changes In Austria's Criminal Law Provisions - A Review
In 2016, Austrian Criminal Law experienced some substantive legal developments in both, procedural and material aspects.
11 Jan 2017
The Austrian Leniency Programme: To Be Continued?
Because of these critical comments the proposed bill was retracted and revised by an expert commission.
3 Nov 2016
A New WCC Department Within The Metropolitan Public Prosecution Office
As of September 1st 2016, a newly established special department, dedicated solely to white collar crimes, has commenced its work within the Hungarian Metropolitan Public Prosecution Office.
8 Sep 2016
Committed Bribery In The Czech Republic?
The Czech Government recently submitted a proposal to amend the Czech Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure in respect of, among others, the non-prosecution of bribery under certain circumstances.
Czech Republic
9 Jun 2016
EU Market Abuse Regulation Countdown - Are You Ready? Part III: Sanctions - Austria Publishes Draft Implementing Bill
The new EU market abuse regime will take effect across EU member states from 3 July 2016 onwards.
11 May 2016
Invitations To Hunting Trips - The Criminal Court's Next Trophy?
The woodcock mating season has just ended and deer-hunting season has already begun. Are officials allowed to accept an invitation to a hunting trip, or should they be paying the shooting fees and other costs?
10 May 2016
Public Prosecutor Will Get Easier Access To Bank Information As Of 1 August
As of 1 August 2016 public prosecutors may access information contained in the account registry without prior court approval.
14 Apr 2016
Reform Of The Austrian Code Of Criminal Procedure Brings Improvements To Defendants' Rights In Criminal Proceedings
Amendments to the Austrian Code of Criminal Procedure bring substantial improvements to defendants' rights, but also facilitate the public authorities' access to confidential bank data.
11 Apr 2016
Finally! Prosecution Authorities Will Be Prohibited From Seizing Attorney-Client Privileged Communication Located Outside An Attorney's Office
Amendments to the Austrian Code of Criminal Procedure bring substantial improvements to defendant's rights, but also facilitate the public authorities' access to confidential bank data.
31 Mar 2016
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