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Criminal Liability: Medical Malpractice
In a recent case the Dubai Public Prosecution (‘DPP') charged a medical practitioner with malpractice.
Saudi Arabia
21 Dec 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - September And October 2018
According to the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), foreign investment licence issuances have increased by 130 per cent during the first quarter of 2018.
Saudi Arabia
16 Nov 2018
The Calm After The Storm: Saudi Arabia's Anti-Corruption Tornado And The Investor Impact
Saudi Arabia is undergoing significant reform but, beyond the maelstrom of political speculation and conjecture, what are the practical and legal implications of the anti-corruption drive for investors?
Saudi Arabia
9 Aug 2018
Saudi Arabia's Shoura Council Has Agreed To Amend The Anti-Bribery Law
The aim of the amendments is at protecting public utilities from corruption by all means as well as the achievement of sound procedures in combating and investigating bribery cases and putting suspects on trial.
Saudi Arabia
24 Jul 2018
2018 Special 301 Report's "Watch-List": An Analysis Of The Inclusion Of Saudi Arabia And The UAE
Special 301 Report (the "Report") is a United States congressional mandated document that reflects the U.S. Administration's views on the protection and enforcement of U.S. intellectual property (IP) rights globally.
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Saudi Arabia Update – March 2018
As mentioned in our November / December Update, November 2017 saw an unprecedented corruption "crackdown" in the Kingdom involving influential local businessmen and officials ...
Saudi Arabia
4 Apr 2018
The New Dubai Penal Order: A Faster Method Of Disposing Of Criminal Proceedings
Dubai Law 1 of 2017 has introduced a new mechanism for disposing of criminal complaints. The law seeks to provide efficiency and lessen the workload across the judicial authorities.
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2018
Saudi Arabia's bankruptcy and insolvency law regime has been governed by two regulations, the earliest dating back to 1930.
Saudi Arabia
31 Jan 2018
Saudi Arabia Update – November And December 2017
In the wake of Saudi Arabia's headline-grabbing anti-corruption drive in November, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman instructed the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (the Council)...
Saudi Arabia
14 Dec 2017
A New Chapter For Anti-Corruption In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia…
Events over the past week have brought heightened international attention to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's reinvigorated anti-corruption programme.
Saudi Arabia
15 Nov 2017
Bribery Crimes In The Private Sector In Bahrain
In the past, legislation across the GCC and Levant has been limited in application because anti-bribery provisions have been restricted exclusively to conduct involving the public sector.
Saudi Arabia
11 Oct 2017
Saudi Arabia Update – August And September 2017
The National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) is the local body responsible for investigating violations of the Combating Bribery Law (CBL) and referring such violations for prosecution.
Saudi Arabia
3 Oct 2017
Strategies For Complying With Anti-Corruption Rules In Saudi Arabia
Government contracting can be highly rewarding in Saudi Arabia, given the wide-ranging opportunities in defense, education and healthcare.
Saudi Arabia
25 Apr 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2016
The Saudi Arabian Labor Law provides that employees shall be entitled to 21 days of paid leave annually, to be increased to 25 days upon completion of five years of service with the employer.
Saudi Arabia
3 Feb 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2015
Earlier this year, the Council of Ministers and the Shoura Council approved the adoption of a new Companies Law that would completely replace the existing Regulations for Companies.
Saudi Arabia
2 Dec 2015
Doing Business In KSA? Sending Employees To KSA? Not Without A Licence!
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest economies in the Middle East and a market which has attracted more and more activity in the past six years.
Saudi Arabia
6 Feb 2015
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