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Infrastructure Criteria For Sustainable Infrastructure Development And Rapid Growth – How The CPTPP And The EUVN Free Trade Agreement And Investment Protection Agreement Can Contribute
According to the World Bank, Vietnam has one of the fastest growing economies in the world—7.1% GDP growth in 2018, and 6.7% at the mid-point of 2019
14 Aug 2019
Foreign Direct Investment And Unintended Effects And Opportunities Of CPTPP/EVFTA
According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), in the first 5 months of 2019, foreign direct investment (FDI) projects were US $7.3 billion
24 Jul 2019
Vietnamese Clean Development Mechanism CDM Market – The Perspective Of An Emission Certificate Buyer
Vietnam has shown a high level of commitment on green development and environment protection for the past 20 years.
10 Jul 2019
Solar Power – Final Draft Decision On Solar Power Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT2) For The Period From 1 July 2019 To 31 December 2021
On 22 February 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam ("MOIT") published a second draft decision of the Prime Minister on the mechanism for encouraging the development of solar power
8 May 2019
Solar Power Sector – New Model PPA For Rooftop Solar Power Projects
On 8 January 2019, the Prime Minister issued Decision 02 to amend certain articles of Decision 11 on mechanism for encouragement of development of solar power in Vietnam.
United States
29 Mar 2019
Anwalt In Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann - Windkraft Neuigkeiten - Neuer Muster- Stromabnahmevertrag Beschlossen - Verbesserte Finanzierbarkeit? Was Sie Wissen Müssen:
Vietnams Ministerium für Industrie und Handel (MoIT) veröffentlichte ein Rundschreiben 02 (gültig ab dem 28. Februar 2019) einschließlich finalem Musterstromabnahmevertrag ...
12 Mar 2019
Wind Power Breaking News – New Model Power Purchase Agreement Out – Improved Bankability? What You Must Know:
Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) released Circular 02 (effective from 28 February 2019) including final template power purchase agreements (PPA) for the wind energy sector.
21 Feb 2019
Power Energy Action Plan – With Outlook On The Major Trade Agreements CPTPP, EUVNFTA And Investment Protection Agreement
Vietnam contains huge potential regarding the production of clean energy. It has best conditions for developing solar power due to being one of the countries with the most sun hours during the year...
5 Dec 2018
Lawyer In Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Renewable Energy And Feed In Tariffs – Quo Vadis – Interview With Mergermarket
1. Dear Dr. Massmann, a government official recently stated that the MoIT probably had enough solar projects in the pipeline, explaining for that fact ...
14 Nov 2018
Anwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN – Die erstaunliche Entwicklung – Was Sie wissen müssen:
In den letzten Jahren hat Vietnam im Durchschnitt eine der weltweit schnellsten Wachstumsraten erreicht von mehr als 6% p.a. Ein solches Wachstum ...
3 Oct 2018
Anwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Reform im Energiesektor Wettbewerbsmechanismus für neue Generation von Investment – Was Sie wissen müssen:
Anwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Reform im Energiesektor Wettbewerbsmechanismus für neue Generation von Investment – Was Sie wissen müssen:
24 Sep 2018
Erneuerbare energie – neue tarife für windenergie – erstaunliche entwicklung – solarkraft – spezielle politik für Ninhthuan provinz
Bis Juni 2018, wurden ca. 286 Solarstromprojekte mit einer Gesamtleistung von 19.300 MW bei den Lizensierungsbehörden zu den Power Master Plänen eingereicht, aber nur 100 Projekte wurden genehmigt (ca. 4.700 MW).
19 Sep 2018
Vietnam – Stromsektor – Neue Feed-In-Tarife Für Windenergieprojekte
Wir sind der Meinung, dass das MOIT weitere Richtlinien für eine bessere Definition von Onshore und Offshore Windkraftprojekten bereitstellen sollte.
17 Sep 2018
Vietnam – Power Sector – New Feed-In-Tariffs For Wind Energy Projects
On 11 September 2018, the Prime Minister has approved a draft decision on new feed-in tariffs (FITs) applicable to wind power projects in Vietnam. This FITs decision...
13 Sep 2018
Power Sector Reform Competitive Auction Mechanism For New Generation Investment – What You Must Know:
On 31 August 2018, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) co-arranged a workshop to introduce the first ADB's Technical Assistance (TA) on competitive auction mechanism
11 Sep 2018
Renewable Energy – New Feed In Tariffs For Wind Energy – Amazing Development – Solar Power – Special Policy For Ninh Thuan And Ongoing Draft Policy
Until June 2018, approx. 286 solar power projects of total capacity of 19,300 MW have been submitted to the licensing authorities to be supplement to the Power Master Plans, but only 100 projects...
11 Sep 2018
Power Energy – Non-Recourse Financing And Bankability – How To Achieve? – How To Make Use Of Cptpp And Euvnfta – Best Practice!
The recent increasing interest from investors in the energy sector in general and renewable energy in particular has prompted the Government to work on the revision of the National Power Master Plan VII (amended) to attract more investment in the sector as well as to ensure a stable and clean supply of energy in the country.
6 Sep 2018
Solar Power – Breaking News – Prime Minister's Final Word On Possible COD Extension For Solar Power Projects In Ninh Thuan Province – What You Must Know:
Solar energy industry in Vietnam remains one of the most legally unpredictable areas as the saga around the possible COD extension appears to re-emerge.
30 Aug 2018
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