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The UK's Electricity Arbitration Association: Keeping Pace with the Electricity Industry?
In 1989, the Electricity Arbitration Association (the "EAA") was established in the UK to promote the efficient and economic resolution of disputes within the electricity supply industry.
20 Sep 2010
Full UK Procurement Exemption for E&P
On 31 March the European Commission published its decision exempting exploration for and exploitation of oil and gas in England, Scotland and Wales from the application of the utilities procurement rules.
13 Apr 2010
Publication Of New Utilities Procurement Remedies Regulations
These utilities regulations implement for the energy, water, transport and postal sectors Directive 2007/66/EC on improving the effectiveness of appeal procedures concerning the award of public contracts ("New Remedies Directive"), in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
4 Dec 2009
The Construction Act In The Energy And Utilities Sectors
Important construction legislation applies to the energy and utilities sectors. No-one who works in these sectors can afford to overlook it.
6 Aug 2009
Transmission Easements Introduced For Utility Services
On 3 August 2008, it became possible for utility businesses to impose transmission easements on properties to facilitate the supply and/or removal of liquid, steam, gas or electric energy.
5 Aug 2008
Transmission Access For Wind Generation
There are16GW of onshore wind applications in Scotland and 8GW of offshore wind applications in England. There is no way of knowing how much capacity will be built as a result of these applications.
11 Jan 2008
Gas Imports And Gas Quality Issues
Ofgem has published its conclusions paper on the recent industry-led review into the likelihood of, and risks associated with, non-compliant gas entering the GB system, and the possible measures to treat such gas just prior to entry into the network.
13 Feb 2007
Environment Calendar – September 2006
The environment calendar highlights key dates for proposed and existing legislation and policy and closing dates for consultation papers relating to major environment issues in the EU and England.
4 Sep 2006
UK Phase 2 Emissions Cap targets power sector
Electricity consumers are expected to bear much of the cost of the reduction of the UK’s CO2 emissions in Phase 2 (2008-2012) of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). The UK Environment Secretary, David Miliband, announced on 29 June 2006 the cap on the annual carbon dioxide allowances that will be set under the UK's National Allocation Plan (NAP) for Phase 2.
11 Jul 2006
Drought orders in PFI projects
Recently a number of water utilities have either been granted or applied for drought orders under the Water Resources Act 1991. A drought order allows water utilities to ban "non-essential uses" of water in a specified area whilst the drought order is in force.
7 Jul 2006
UK RoHS Regulations to come into force on 1 July 2006
The DTI has published revised Regulations on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("RoHS").
27 Jun 2006
Ofgem issues its decision on contestability in electricity distribution connections
Ofgem has recently announced that certain elements of reinforcement and diversionary works associated with Distribution Network Operator (DNO)-provided connection services should be contestable.
20 Apr 2006
Report quantifies the costs of intermittency
The UK Energy Research Centre has published a report entitled "The Costs and Impacts of Intermittency: An Assessment of the Evidence on the Costs and Impacts of Intermittent Generation on the British Electricity Network". The report focuses on existing renewable energy targets and changes that might be required in the period to 2020.
20 Apr 2006
Ofgem issues Scoping Document on offshore electricity transmission
The UK Government has announced that the existing principles of onshore electricity transmission should be extended to offshore. This follows the conclusion of an industry-wide consultation on the establishment of a regulatory regime to encompass offshore transmission.
12 Apr 2006
Ofwat issues Position Paper on the Water Framework Directive
Ofwat has recently issued its Position Paper on the EU Water Framework Directive. Working closely with Defra and the Environment Agency (both of whom are managing the implementation process of the Directive) on the implementation of the Directive, Ofwat commented in its Position Paper that the Directive’s implementation should comply with the following key requirements..
28 Mar 2006
Ofwat responds to Independent Steering Group report
Ofwat has published its responses to the Independent Steering Group’s report into the conduct of the 2004 Ofwat periodic review.
27 Mar 2006
Renewables Obligation Order 2006
The Renewables Obligation Order 2006 will replace the Renewables Obligation Order 2005 with effect from 1 April 2006.
21 Feb 2006
New Procurement Rules come into force
The UK regime governing procurement by public bodies and by utilities has today been overhauled by the introduction of two new sets of regulations – The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and The Utilities Contracts Regulations 2006.
10 Feb 2006
Developments in the public procurement rules applicable to the oil and gas sector
In past Law-Now bulletins we have referred to changes due to take place in the application of procurement legislation to the oil and gas industry. The new Regulations which implement updated EU directives come into force today.
10 Feb 2006
Oil in Produced Water-new regulation
The Offshore Petroleum Activities (Oil Pollution Prevention and Control) Regulations 2005 (the "Regulations") are set to come into force on 21 August. The objective of the Regulations is to introduce a more robust, effective and efficient approach to the management of oil discharges by the offshore oil and gas industry and to achieve the 15% reduction target over 2000 levels mentioned in OSPAR Recommendation 2001/01 for the Management of Produced Water from Offshore Installations.
12 Aug 2005
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