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Uzbekistan Approves State Program For The Development Of Mineral Resources
Uzbek Presidential Resolution No. 4401, "On measures to further improve the geological study of the subsoil and implement the State Program for the Development and Reproduction of the Mineral Resource Base for 2020–2021",...
8 Aug 2019
Bill To Ban Hydraulic Fracturing In Mexico
In a nutshell, this criticism is based on the lack of development of natural gas projects by Pemex and the Mexican government during that period.
8 Aug 2019
Mining Regulator May Owe Duty To Mine Owners
Last summer, the Supreme Court of British Columbia held that a mining regulator may, in limited circumstances, owe a duty to pay a mine owner for its losses
22 Jul 2019
South Africa Newsletter - February 2019
South Africa's diverse economy, strategic role in Africa and political history create a unique business and regulatory environment.
South Africa
21 May 2019
Uzbekistan Introduces Changes To The Mining Industry
The list of non-metallic deposits has been approved and the term for obtaining a license for exploration has been shortened in Uzbekistan.
20 May 2019
The Mining Charter Of 2018: Is The Once Empowered, Always Empowered Principle Applicable To BEE Partners Exiting Higher Up The Chain?
The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, Act No. 28 of 2002 (the MPRDA) was promulgated with the aim of distributing mineral wealth more equally among citizens to remedy
South Africa
20 May 2019
Administrative Ordinance No. SNAT/2019/00048: Calendar For The Declaration And Payment Of The Value Added Tax Of Special Taxpayers That Carry Out Mining, Hydrocarbon And Related Activities
On April 9, 2019, in the Official Gazette No. 41,613, the Administrative Ordinance No. SNAT/2019/00048 (the Ordinance) issued by the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Service
United States
14 May 2019
Mining And Artificial Intelligence
On February 7, Dentons' Montreal office hosted the local chapter of Women in Mining Canada for a lunchtime event on artificial intelligence and mining
20 Feb 2019
Germany Takes The First Steps Towards The End Of Coal-Fired Power
In 2018, the German government appointed a Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment, known as the Kohlekommission or Coal Commission with the task of evaluating a roadmap for the phase-out of coal-fired power production in Germany.
8 Feb 2019
New Process To Submit Notice Of Work Filings In British Columbia's Mining Sector
On December 18, 2018, notice of work applications for placer mines, aggregates and mineral explorations can now be submitted by filing on the Natural Resource Online Services website.
21 Dec 2018
Democratic Republic Of The Congo - Adoption Of A Legislative Framework Applicable To Public-Private Partnerships
While public-private partnerships have long been considered in DRC as an option to promote key sectors development, such as the electricity sector ...
13 Dec 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2018
Welcome to our monthly update which provides a recap of recent legal developments, including finance and capital market developments ...
Saudi Arabia
30 Nov 2018
SEC Mining Disclosure
The professional organization must also have, inter alia, academic experience, qualifications, standards, professional development, disciplinary powers and a public list of members.
11 Nov 2018
Mining Licences In Indonesia
Home to the Grasburg mine, the largest gold mine and second largest copper mine in the world, and blessed with an abundance of substantial deposits ...
28 Aug 2018
Revision Of Democratic Republic Of Congo's Mining Code Driven By Cobalt Price Rise
Recent developments in Tanzania and South Africa which have materially modified their mining legislations triggered negative reactions of the international mining companies.
10 Jul 2018
An Overview Of The Mining Sector In Zambia And, In Particular, The Progress Made In The Sector
The mining sector in Zambia continues to play an important national economic role and has in the last two decades experienced tremendous growth and investment, driven mainly by expansion in large-scale mining.
1 May 2018
Alberta's Bill C-12: A Perfectly Constitutional Answer To BC's Trans Mountain Intransigence?
The prevailing wisdom appears to be that Alberta's recently-announced Bill C-121 is a constitutional dead duck.
30 Apr 2018
Amendments To The Mining Act In Tanzania
The first round of amendments in 2017 were brought in terms of the Finance Act, 2017.
27 Feb 2018
Investors Move To Secure Positions In Light Of Tanzania Natural Resources Reforms
The reforms are the latest in a campaign to exercise greater control over the extractives sectors.
12 Dec 2017
Implications Of Declaration Of Boundaries Of Konebada Petroleum Park
The Minister for Lands and Physical Planning has recently declared a significant portion of land on the Western side of Port Moresby to be the KP Park under section 3(4) of the Konebada Petroleum Park...
Papua New Guinea
27 Apr 2017
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