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Setting an Asian LNG Market Price – the Search for a Local Solution
This short note is to introduce two detailed papers that discuss the justification for the development of an Asian LNG reference price that is not benchmarked against the current ‘Japanese Crude Cocktail' and suggests an approach to how that might be achieved. A short summary of the two papers is provided below.
30 Mar 2017
First Ever Global Regime For Aviation Emissions: ICAO Adopts Global Market-Based Measure To Combat Aircraft CO2 Emissions
On Friday, 7th October the General Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation passed a resolution, resolving to implement the world's first global regime for combatting CO2 emissions from aircraft.
17 Oct 2016
The Potential Impact Of Brexit On The EU Emission Trading System And Future UK Climate Policy
Through the referendum held on 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to end its membership of the EU.
1 Jul 2016
The Potential Impact Of The LMEshield Initiative On Base Metals Warehouse Financing Structures
Parties to warehouse financing structures using LMEshield warehouses will need to revisit their familiarity and assumptions regarding the methods for taking and perfecting security over metal stored in warehouses and over warehouse receipts.
29 Jun 2016
Green Bonds – How To Unlock Its Full Potential?
The green bond market is currently one of the fastest-growing fixed-income segments, with issuances tripling between 2013 and 2014.
16 Dec 2015
China Outlines Plans For Its Carbon Trading Markets
Last November, China announced its aim for the country’s overall carbon emissions to peak and then start to decline by 2030.
23 Feb 2015
Glimpses Of Phase 4 Of The EU ETS - The 2030 Climate And Energy Policy framework
On 24 October 2014, the European Council announced a package of measures designed to further reduce the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
10 Nov 2014
New ESMA Guidance On EMIR Transaction Reporting
ESMA published a revised set of Q&As on EMIR on 11 February, the eve of the EMIR transaction reporting go-live date. They include updates and new guidance in several areas, including transaction reporting.
European Union
19 Feb 2014
COP 19 – Day 4 Of The Conference
Frantic meeting schedules continued at the Conference against the back drop of news that Japan will announce a reduction in its 2020 greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions target. Japan is expected to announce today that it will now target a 2020 emissions reduction of 3.8 per cent from its 2005 emissions levels.
16 Nov 2013
A Bull Rush For Bullion In Asia
Singapore’s growth as a global commodity trading hub continues, with recent developments affecting the city’s role in the precious metals market. Demand for ownership of precious metal is growing in Asia, despite (or perhaps because of) falling gold prices.
24 Sep 2013
Understanding The EU Emissions Trading Laws
Unlike most traded commodity markets, the market for trading carbon credits or emissions allowances in the EU is not one based on its utility, usage or consumption.
European Union
22 May 2013
The Making Of Emissions Trading Laws – Understanding The EU Legislative Process
Unlike most traded commodity markets, the market for trading carbon credits or emissions allowances in the EU is not one based on its utility, usage or consumption.
European Union
10 May 2013
Rescued Down Under: The Linking Of The EU ETS With The Australian CPM
On the 28th August 2012 arrived the exciting announcement of the intention of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (the "EU ETS") to link with the Australian Carbon Price Mechanism.
12 Sep 2012
New Union Registry Process Update
A new world order for Carbon Trading in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (the "EU ETS") was ushered in on 20 June 2012 by the migration of the carbon trading account and registry system from separate Member State registries to a single Union Registry.
1 Jul 2012
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