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Take 19 – another Resource Management Amendment Act
This Bill repeals the collaborative planning process and replaces it with a specialised planning process for freshwater.
New Zealand
4 Oct 2019
Fresh plans for freshwater – government proposes reform
Brief overview of key proposals & consultation timeframes in relation to the "Action for Healthy Waterways" discussion document.
New Zealand
18 Sep 2019
Change continues in resource management law: what is coming in 2019?
2018 has produced and foreshadowed a number of important changes in the resource management and environmental space.
New Zealand
21 Jan 2019
Draft National Planning Standards – painting by numbers, or draconian straitjacket?
Article queries whether national planning standards may be more of a hindrance than a help.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2018
Further protection for New Zealand marine environment
NZ will be the first country to introduce a nationwide standard for biofouling, to prevent pests entering from overseas.
New Zealand
27 Apr 2018
Water, water everywhere - but not a drop to drink
This Report makes recommendations for the monitoring, testing and management of water supplies for safer drinking water.
New Zealand
15 Dec 2017
Amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 (NPSFM)
The NPSFM provides a national direction for the management of freshwater under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).
New Zealand
15 Aug 2017
Wellington Fish and Game Council v Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council [2017] NZEnvc 37 – summary of the One Plan Declarations
The Court declarations are a timely reminder for consent authorities when considering applications for resource consents.
New Zealand
2 May 2017
Changes to New Zealand freshwater management
These changes include a new target that 90 per cent of lakes and rivers meet swimmable water quality standards by 2040.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2017
Have your say on the Draft New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy
With a growing focus on energy and competitiveness, the Strategy identifies a need to improve NZ's energy productivity.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2017
Fluoridation of water in New Zealand – have your say
Despite criticism from some members of the public, the Bill addresses oral health problems currently facing New Zealand.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
Next steps for fresh water in New Zealand: Consultation document
The Government is seeking feedback via a consultation document on proposed changes to the way fresh water is managed.
New Zealand
16 Mar 2016
Court Case About Radiation From Power Lines
Are you worried about radiation from power lines? Margo Perpick discusses a recent case arising from the erection of new power lines after the 1998 power crisis in Auckland.
New Zealand
8 May 2007
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