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What Is Net Zero Carbon?
The issue of climate change couldn't be more topical. But what is "net zero carbon"? Is it just another buzzword and what does it really mean?
17 May 2019
One Size Does Not Fit All: EU Commission Recommendations On Cybersecurity In The Energy Sector
As new technologies develop, the smart grid and smart devices become increasingly interconnected and exposed to security incidents.
European Union
17 May 2019
UK Coal Mining Planning Applications: Recent Cases
The potential impact of two new coal mining projects on climate change has recently been considered by separate UK decision makers.
17 May 2019
The Committee On Climate Change's Recommendations For The Net Zero Economy
The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published its eagerly-anticipated advice to the UK Government on the UK's long-term climate change targets and has made a series of bold recommendations
16 May 2019
UK Supreme Court Considering Parent Company Liability For Environmental Harm Caused By Overseas Subsidiaries
In Vedanta Resource PLC and another v Lungowe and others the UK Supreme Court has held that a claim for negligence and breach of statutory duty against a mining company.
15 May 2019
How Can You Ensure Anonymity Whilst Keeping Those That Speak Up Informed?
Tullow Oil is a leading independent oil and gas company founded in Tullow, Ireland.
14 May 2019
Vedanta Resources Plc & Another v Lungowe & Others - Supreme Court Rules UK Correct Jurisdiction To Bring Claim Against Zambian Subsidiary
In a judgment that could have far reaching effects for UK incorporated companies with foreign subsidiaries, the Supreme Court has decided that 1,826 Zambian citizens are entitled to bring a group action in the UK courts.
2 May 2019
Brexatom: Preparing The UK Nuclear Industry For A Post-Brexit World
We have previously reported on what Brexit, and in particular what the departure of the UK from the European Atomic Energy Community ("Euratom") may mean for the British nuclear sector.
30 Apr 2019
Agribusiness In Africa, Status And Way Forward
Agribusiness is a broad concept which covers all actors and stakeholders involved in the agricultural value chain, from input suppliers to agro-processors but also traders, exporters and retailers.
9 Apr 2019
International Investment In Mexican Energy: In Or Out?
Energy reforms in Mexico have made it an excellent target for international investment in recent years, but the election of a new left-wing president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has cast doubts about the...
4 Apr 2019
How Will The Commodities Industry React To Geopolitical Tensions And Technological Innovations?
The commodities industry faces a difficult year ahead with an ever changing political landscape, a US - China trade war and the introduction of innovative technology: this will present new challenges,
2 Apr 2019
"No-Deal" Brexit And Gas Sales Contracts
Today, 5 March 2019, the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (the "CRU") released an information note [1] (the "Information Note") regarding the gas market in Ireland in the event
European Union
14 Mar 2019
Battery Storage: Routes To Market (Video)
Listen in as Gowling WLG chats with leading global infrastructure and renewables market analysts Inspiratia about the revenue landscape for UK battery storage.
5 Mar 2019
European Parliament Agrees On Proposed EU Measures To Screen Foreign Direct Investments
On February 14, 2019, the European Parliament (EP) plenary session agreed to adopt an EU mechanism for screening foreign direct investments (FDI) in order to protect strategic sectors
European Union
22 Feb 2019
F Gas After Brexit – New Registration Requirements
New F gas registration requirements will apply in the event of a no deal Brexit on 29 March 2019.
22 Feb 2019
Another Interesting Year Ahead For European Renewables
On 5 February 2019, Dentons held its fourth annual workshop on investing in European renewables. Here we outline some of the key messages that emerged.
European Union
21 Feb 2019
Six Weeks To Go Until Brexit: What's Going To Happen To Environmental Law?
The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union at 11pm on 29 March 2019.
20 Feb 2019
UK REACH – Action Required To Safeguard Supply Chains
If there is a hard Brexit on 29 March 2019, the regulation of chemicals in the UK will separate from the EU REACH regime.
European Union
15 Feb 2019
Regulation 18 And FONAR – Leniency Not Legitimacy
There has been a tendency for reference to be made to Regulation 18 (of Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
12 Feb 2019
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