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Maritime Piracy
In an interlinked world with global commercial sea routes the problem of maritime piracy has long been the subject of international criticism and concern.
29 Jul 2019
Is It Justice Or An Extension Of Prescription Period : Masindi vs Road Accident Fund
In South Africa, generally, prescription is regulated by the Prescription Act 68 of 1969 and in delictual, contractual (or any other liability), the
South Africa
9 Jul 2019
A Simple Guide To Understanding Incoterms
The ICC have published a series of predefined commercial terms which are used for, and which are aimed at, assisting transacting parties to unambiguously and efficiently communicate some of the terms applicable ...
South Africa
8 Jul 2019
ANC's Proposed Changes To The Road Accident Fund Will Prejudice 20 Million Children
The Bill provides for a no-fault benefit scheme and a new Administrator, replacing the current RAF.
South Africa
20 Mar 2019
Expanding Your Data Governance Policies To Accommodate Drone Data
Gone are the days when a helicopter had to be hired to secure fantastic shots of a neighbourhood or local stadium in anticipation of a major public or private event.
South Africa
8 Mar 2019
Without DRONE-ing On: A Legal Overview Of Drones In South Africa
This article will briefly navigate through the South African regulatory framework governing RPAS and discuss issues and case studies arising from the enforcement thereof.
South Africa
17 Oct 2018
New Potential Regulation For South Africa's Transport Sector?
On 12 February 2018, the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill, 2018 was published for public comment.
South Africa
31 May 2018
New Maritime Policy Approved To Develop The Maritime Transport Sector
On 12 June 2017, the South African Minister of Transport gave notice that Cabinet had approved the Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy, 2017 ("CMTP").
South Africa
27 Sep 2017
Labour Court Reaffirms That Strikes Over Issues Regulated By Collective Agreements Are Unprotected
Over time, SAA has entered into various collective agreements with various trade unions.
South Africa
19 May 2017
Seven Important Facts About Commercial Drones In South Africa
South Africa is one of the few countries in the world that have passed laws regulating the operation of drones in the civil aviation airspace.
South Africa
19 Apr 2017
Hanjin Shipping - Current Jurisdictional Status And Options - South Africa
The collapse of Hanjin, the world's seventh largest shipping container carrier, and its immediate impact in South Africa and its shipping industry, remains to be seen.
South Africa
10 Oct 2016
Is VAT Payable On Delivery Fees?
It is common practice for suppliers to deliver the goods that they supply at the premises of their customers on the customer's request.
South Africa
22 Aug 2016
Ow Bunker - A Global Overview - South Africa
In South African proceedings, owners of the "MV PRIVGULF" have sought an order joining Sinopec as a third party in an action in rem commenced by ING Bank N.V. against the "MV PRIVGULF".
South Africa
1 Aug 2016
On Track For Success - Reasons To Be Positive About The Roads Sector In Africa
International corridors are critical in allowing landlocked countries easier access to ports and trading partners. Domestic corridors are needed between major cities and to connect agricultural and mining areas.
12 Jul 2016
Inchmaree Clauses, Warranties And Want Of Due Diligence In South Africa
The Inchmaree clause was introduced into marine hull insurance policies as a direct result of the case of Thames & Mersey Marine Insurance Co Ltd v Hamilton, Fraser & Co (1887) 12 AC 484.
South Africa
11 Apr 2016
Maritime Claims In South Africa
What constitutes a "maritime claim" for purposes of admiralty jurisdiction? The most recent decision on the interpretation of the phrase "relating to" by the High Court of South Africa
South Africa
8 Mar 2016
The Continuing Surge Of Piracy In South East Asia
The surge of piracy in South-East Asia waters continues as ships passing the Straits of Malacca and Singapore are falling victim to acts of piracy.
6 Jan 2016
PST Energy Shipping And Product Shipping And Trading SA v. OW Bunker Malta And ING Bank SA (Res Cogitans): The Implications Of The Judgment
The OW Bunker Group 2013 "Terms and Conditions of sale for Marine Bunkers" provide for English law and London arbitration.
South Africa
13 Aug 2015
Annual LexisNexis/ENSafrica Occupational Health And Safety Seminar - Various Topical Issues Were Discussed
A number of topics were discussed, with the speakers and delegates interacting and considering certain industry practices.
South Africa
10 Jun 2015
City Of Cape Town v South African National Roads Authority Limited And Others (20786/2014) [2015]
Historically the position was that one was not allowed to gain access to court documents until the matter had been called in open court. Is this still the position?
South Africa
11 May 2015
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