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Fund Strategy And The Future Of Venture Capital: Q&A With Invesco's Evan Jaysane-Darr
Partner and head of the Emerging Companies and Venture Capital practice Kristine Di Bacco sat down with Invesco Private Capital partner Evan Jaysane-Darr to get his perspectives on the current
30 Jul 2019
Side By Side: Navigating Co-Investments
Co-investment transactions—in which investors and a sponsor's primary fund invest alongside each other in an M&A transaction—have become a staple of today's private equity landscape.
19 Apr 2017
Comment On A National Securities Regulator
What has been completely overlooked in all the battling over the issue of a national securities regulator is how the dealers and persons who actually distribute and trade in securities on behalf of retail, corporate and institutional investors are regulated.
10 Feb 2011
Alternative Transaction Structures will Continue to be Popular for Sovereign Wealth Funds and Other Investors from Emerging Markets
Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) and other investors from emerging markets have become increasingly significant participants in the Canadian and U.S. M&A landscape in recent years.
7 Jan 2011
When Foreign Investors Target Canada, Politics may Matter
The Canadian M&A story of the year was undoubtedly BHP Billiton’s hostile bid for Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan and the federal Minister of Industry's rejection of the deal under the "Investment Canada Act" (ICA).
7 Jan 2011
Canada Announces Intention To Liberalize Foreign Ownership Restrictions In The Uranium Mining Industry
On March 3, 2010, the federal government announced that it intends to liberalize the foreign investment restrictions on Canada’s uranium mining sector.
19 Mar 2010
Changes To Canada's Insider Reporting Regime
Canada’s securities regulators have adopted a new regime for insider reporting. New National Instrument 55-104 and its companion policy are expected to come into effect on April 30, 2010.
28 Jan 2010
Canadian Industry Minister Sues To Enforce ´Investment Canada Act´ Undertakings
On Friday, July 17, the Minister of Industry filed a Notice of Application with the Federal Court of Canada seeking to force United States Steel Corporation to fulfill regulatory undertakings that the company made to the Canadian government on acquiring Canadian steelmaker Stelco Inc. in 2007.
21 Jul 2009
Reminder: Investors May Be Required To File Beneficial Ownership Reports With The SEC By February 17, 2009
Investors who beneficially own more than 5% of a class of voting equity securities of an SEC-registered issuer may need to file a report with the SEC by February 17, 2009.
6 Feb 2009
Torys´ Top 10 M&A Trends For 2009
The year 2008 brought a global credit crisis that adversely affected financial institutions and their clients, and thrust a new world on the business community and its advisers.
7 Jan 2009
A Foreign Affair - Why Canadian Investors Are Getting In Bed With International Markets
Although the current market downturn is affecting mergers and acquisitions activity worldwide, the current credit crunch may not affect the infrastructure sector as much as other industries.
25 Nov 2008
SEC Amends Cross-Border Tender Offer Rules And Relaxes Beneficial Ownership Reporting Rules For Non-U.S. Institutional Investors
The SEC has amended its cross-border tender offer rules governing transactions involving non-U.S. targets.
13 Oct 2008
A Wake-Up Call: It´s Time To Protect Investment
Key investment-protection features in the 3,000 investment treaties that bind much of the world are under attack, and no one seems to be taking the necessary steps to protect these important features.
10 Jul 2008
Quebec Court Of Appeal’s BCE Decision May Affect Corporate Governance And Investor Communications
The Quebec Court of Appeal has decided that the proposed privatization of BCE Inc. is not fair and reasonable to Bell Canada bondholders. The Court’s decision has potential implications for the process company directors must follow in making decisions about significant corporate transactions.
3 Jun 2008
BCE Decisions Increase Commercial Certainty In Canada
The Quebec Superior Court recently released five related judgments approving the proposed privatization of BCE Inc. and dismissing various challenges by Bell Canada bondholders. The judgments provide a higher degree of commercial certainty than previously available for company directors, debt issuers and other capital market participants.
31 Mar 2008
Reminder: Investors May Be Required To File Beneficial Ownership Reports With The SEC By February 14, 2008
This is a reminder to investors who beneficially own more than 5% of the voting equity securities of an SEC-registered issuer that you may be required to file a report with the SEC by February 14, 2008.
18 Mar 2008
Canadian Registrants May Face Filing Under National Instrument 24-101 by February 14, 2008
Canadian registrants need to review their Canadian trades to confirm whether or not they are required to make a filing under new National Instrument 24-101, Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement (the Instrument) by February 14, 2008.
5 Mar 2008
The Toronto Stock Exchange’s New Normal Course Issuer Bid Rules
New Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) rules governing normal course issuer bids came into effect on June 1, 2007. The new TSX rules apply only to a normal course issuer bid that commenced after June 1, 2007.
18 Feb 2008
Infrastructure Funds On The Rise
The Macquarie Group, headquartered in Australia, was one of the first to recognize the opportunity for private sector investment in infrastructure assets back in 1996. Now, more than 10 years later, this trend is exploding.
17 Feb 2008
New SEC Rules For Reselling Restricted Securities And Control Securities Effective February 15, 2008
The SEC has relaxed some of its rules governing the resale of restricted securities and control securities. The SEC’s objective is to increase the liquidity of privately placed securities and decrease issuers’ cost of capital.
31 Jan 2008
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