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New Act On The Control Of Investments Detrimental To The Interests Of Hungarian National Security
The Hungarian Government recently adopted Act no. LVII of 2018 on the Control of Investments Detrimental to the Interests of Hungarian National Security.
18 Oct 2018
Will EAA And Swiss Investors Be Able To Freely Acquire Agricultural And Forest Real Properties As Of May 2016?
On 2 May 2016, restrictions on acquiring agricultural and forest real properties located in Poland by foreigners from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland will cease to be binding.
5 Mar 2015
New Approval Regime On Acquisitions Of Austrian Companies In Certain Industry Sectors By Non-EU/EEA and Non-Swiss Persons
An amendment of the Austrian Foreign Trade Act (FTA), in force since 08/12/2011 subjects the acquisitions of relevant interests in enterprises in specific industries, including telecoms and energy, to review and approval by the Austrian Ministry of Economic Affairs
14 Dec 2011
Ukraine Lifts Limitations Introduced During Crisis
On 24 November 2009, the Ukrainian government introduced a number of limitations to minimise the consequences of the global financial crisis. The lifting of these limitations should signal to potential investors that Ukraine feels confident about the future of its economic and financial system.
1 Mar 2011
Contingent Equity Facilities – A Good Alternative when Commercial Banks are Reluctant to Finance
In continental Europe businesses are still highly dependent on commercial lending. While some of them have tapped the debt and equity capital markets, the reluctance of commercial banks to finance CAPEX or R&D absent a very strong balance sheet has left a vacuum.
22 Feb 2011
Turkey's Electricity Market - Developments, Opportunities, Prospects
Turkey's electricity energy market, which accounts for about 2.5% of the Turkish economy, has been in a state of constant change in recent years.
17 Feb 2011
What A Foreigner Should Know Before Becoming A Member Of A Supervisory Board In A Moldovan Joint-Stock Company
The rise in foreign investment in Moldova and joint projects with local investors means that supervisory boards must often be instituted in Moldovan joint-stock companies (JSC). This leads to effective and operative control over the company's management.
11 Feb 2011
Council of the European Union Adopts Amendments to Prospectus Directive
The amendments to the Prospectus Directive aim to address deficiencies in the existing legal framework relating to securities prospectuses with a view of improving legal clarity and reducing burdens for issuers and intermediaries, while at the same time enhancing investor protection.
7 Nov 2010
Distressed M&A – A Reluctancy To Benefit From The New Legal Instrument
Legal Instrument The number of companies facing financial difficulties, or even collapse, has been steadily growing over the last 12 months.
Czech Republic
23 Mar 2010
Private Investments In Public Equity (PIPE) - A Form Of Equity Financing That Has Regained Popularity
The last few months were dominated by out of control stock markets and a previously unseen liquidity crunch.
16 Mar 2010
Austria As Location For CEE Holdings - Why, How, When?
As a result of the financial and economic crisis, global foreign direct investment (FDI) has been declining since mid-2008.
15 Mar 2010
New EU M&A Framework In The Banking, Insurance And Investment Sectors
The qualification and background of the shareholders of regulated financial services providers (such as credit institutions, insurance undertakings and investment firms), their commercial and strategic aims and the quality and source of the funds available to them for acquisition or for injection into an Austrian regulated institution has always been of interest for supervisors.
21 Feb 2010
New Trends in Equity Offerings
Although the Vienna Stock Exchange has not seen any IPOs recently, a number of Vienna listed companies have recently increased or are planning to increase their share capital by way of a rights issue.
12 Feb 2010
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