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Asian Foreign Investment In Canada: Moving Forward
BHP Billiton's bid for Potash Corporation in November 2010 which was blocked by the Canadian government made financial headlines worldwide.
9 Jun 2012
Uncommonly Individual "Common Issue" Certified
Can a common issue really be "common" when its resolution requires an individual investigation vis-a-vis every class member in a class action? This is the question we are left with following the certification of "French and Karas v Smith and Stephenson" as a class proceeding.
17 May 2012
Federal Court Of Appeal Upholds Favourable Judgment On The Tax Treatment Of Cross-Border Investments
Non-residents frequently invest in Canada through foreign intermediaries. A key consideration in structuring such investments is whether the intermediary will be subject to reduced rates of Canadian withholding tax in respect of payments received from Canadian parties.
13 Mar 2009
Foreign Investment Review: Canada Raises Investment Canada Act Review Thresholds But Introduces A National Security Override
In an unprecedented move, the Canadian Government has included as part of its 2009 Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-10) a number of important amendments to the Investment Canada Act.
13 Mar 2009
OSC Prohibits Short Selling Of Certain Financial Stocks
On September 19, 2008, the Ontario Securities Commission ("OSC") issued a temporary order prohibiting the short sale of securities of a number of financial sector companies (the "Temporary Order").
6 Oct 2008
Investment Management Update: Regulatory Issues Affecting Adviser And Dealer Firms
This bulletin is intended to provide a summary and brief analysis of certain regulatory documents released by the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) since our last Investment Management Update in March 2008 and which will affect registered advisers and dealers doing business in Canada.
18 Aug 2008
Principal Protected Notes: Federal Minister Of Finance Issues New Disclosure Regulations
On June 11, 2008, new regulations entitled Principal Protected Notes Regulations (the “New Regulations”) under the Bank Act (Canada) (the “Bank Act”) regarding principal protected notes (“PPNs”) were published which will become effective July 1st, 2008.
23 Jun 2008
Asset Securitization - Recent Developments Of Importance
Despite a relatively uneventful winter and spring, 2007 proved to be a watershed year for the asset-backed commercial paper market in Canada, and after the liquidity crisis of mid-August things may never be the same again.
16 May 2008
Doing Business In Canada
No decision to establish or invest in a business abroad should be made without a basic understanding of the legal framework in which the business will operate.
7 Jan 2008
Canadian Securities Administrators Implement Rules To Enhance Institutional Trade Matching And Settlement
Earlier this year, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the "CSA") adopted National Instrument 24-101 – Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement ("NI 24-101" or the "Rule").
29 Aug 2007
Canada And India Conclude Investment Treaty: Negotiations With China Continue
On June 16, the Hon. David Emerson, Minister of International Trade, announced the conclusion of negotiations on a Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement ("FIPA") with India.
29 Aug 2007
Proposed Tax Amendments Remove Obstacle To Defeasance Transactions
Over the past decade, the size of the Canadian commercial mortgage-backed securities ("CMBS") market has grown at a dramatic rate. It has been reported that over $4.5 billion of Canadian CMBS were issued in 2006 alone.
20 Aug 2007
Amendments Would Remove Obstacle To Defeasance Transactions
Proposed amendments to the regulations to the Income Tax Act (Canada) were published on June 23, 2007, which, when enacted, will formally expand the scope of what validly constitutes a ‘‘qualified investment’’ for Canadian tax purposes.
16 Aug 2007
“Fund Facts” – New Proposed Point Of Sale Document For Mutual Funds And Segregated Funds
The Joint Forum of Financial Market Regulators (an umbrella group comprising the provincial and territorial securities, insurance and pension regulators) recently released Proposed Framework 81-406 - Point of Sale Disclosure for Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds.
16 Jul 2007
The CSA Get Down To Business - Registration Reform And How It Will Impact You
The Canadian securities administrators ("CSA") have recently released for comment the much-anticipated National Instrument 31-103 - Registration Requirements ("NI 31-103" or the "Instrument"), a new rule that is designed to nationally harmonize and streamline the registration regime for firms and individuals.
29 Mar 2007
The New Securities Transfer Act - "Control" Your Collateral
The Securities Transfer Act, 2006 (the "STA") came into force in Ontario on January 1, 2007.
21 Mar 2007
Canadian Securities Administrators Issue Hedge Fund Notice
On January 12, 2007 the Canadian Securities Administrators (the "CSA") published Staff Notice 81-316 – Hedge Funds (the "Notice"), which sets out the results of a review by the CSA of the hedge fund sector (including principal protected notes) and outlines some general concerns and courses of action which the CSA intend to pursue with respect to these products and the manner in which they are distributed.
9 Feb 2007
The Securities Transfer Act Is Almost Here: Get Started With Start
On November 1, 2006, the Ontario government announced that Ontario’s new Securities Transfer Act, 2006 (the STA) will come into force on January 1, 2007.
21 Nov 2006
Impact Of Income Trust Tax Proposals On Investment Funds In Canada - Part II Of Our Tax Series On The October 31, 2006 Tax Proposals
Last week’s announcement by the federal Minister of Finance outlining a special tax to be imposed on income trusts caused a flurry of activity and speculation in investment managers’ boardrooms across the country and dealt a blow to the Toronto Stock Exchange. The newly announced tax will apply to a trust or partnership that is a "specified investment flow-through".
14 Nov 2006
Trick Or Treat? Again? Federal Government Announces Significant Overhaul Of Income Trust Taxation Rules
Exactly three years after the ghoulish release of the fourth version of the notorious FIE rules;, the federal Minister of Finance put his hand into the candy bag of investors with the announcement of a new set of rules to tax so-called income trusts.
14 Nov 2006
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