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Ohio Enacts Sweeping Energy Legislation: HB 6 Bails Out Nuclear, Coal; Rolls Back Renewables And Energy Efficiency
On July 23, 2019, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) signed House Bill 6 (HB 6) into law. As detailed below, HB 6:
United States
23 Sep 2019
Tax Tip: Delinquent Tax Debts & Passport Denials
The IRS is actively working with the State Department to deny passport applications and revoke existing passports of taxpayers with delinquent tax debts of $52,000 or more.
United States
21 May 2019
Treasury Releases Proposed Regulations On Opportunity Zones
The Opportunity Zone incentive is a significant tool for stimulating capital investment in QOZs.
United States
25 Oct 2018
Taxation And Virtual Currency
I recently had an opportunity to be involved in tax planning with "virtual currency", or "cryptocurrency", for the first time
United States
16 Oct 2018
Common But Costly Mistakes In 401(k) Plan Loans
Many 401(k) plans allow participants to borrow amounts from their vested 401(k) plan accounts and repay such amounts, typically through payroll deductions, back to their own accounts.
United States
16 May 2018
Canadian Competition Bureau To Study Technology Led Innovation In The Financial Services Industry
The market study's results will be published in the spring of 2017.
United States
1 Jun 2016
Municipal Legal News - February 2015 - Volume 1, Number 1
Emily Rysberg joins Dickinson Wright's Municipal Law & Finance group with experience in the areas of municipal law and litigation.
United States
18 Feb 2015
FDIC Highlights Brokered Deposits
At the start of 2015, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has issued new guidance for banks and other insured depository institutions regarding brokered deposits.
United States
12 Jan 2015
Bank Regulators Require Changes To Tax Allocation Agreements
The Federal bank regulatory agencies have adopted an Addendum to their rules regarding income tax allocation agreements between insured depository institutions and their parent holding companies.
United States
24 Jun 2014
Arizona’s Broad Anti-Deficiency Protection Confirmed
The non-judicial foreclosure process affords banks and lenders a relatively "cheap" means of executing on their collateral in the event of a borrower’s defaults.
United States
10 Oct 2013
States And Consumers Battle Tribal Payday Lenders
The tribal payday lending business finds itself facing a flurry of class action lawsuits and state crackdowns painting the lenders as loan sharks preying upon vulnerable consumers with usurious rates and fees.
United States
3 Oct 2013
Basel III Lite: Regulators Adjust Capital Rules For Community Banks
The three Federal bank regulatory agencies have adopted new capital regulations implementing the first portion of the international principles, known as "Basel III," agreed in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
United States
26 Jul 2013
New Restrictions On Bank "Payday Loans"
Federal bank regulatory agencies have served notice that deposit advance products will soon be subject to significant new restrictions and heightened supervisory scrutiny.
United States
7 May 2013
Bonds For Retirement Liabilities
The Michigan Legislature recently enacted, and Governor Snyder signed into law on October 9, 2012, amendments to the Revised Municipal Finance Act.
United States
7 Nov 2012
U.S. Treasury Extends Bank Secrecy Act Requirements To Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders And Originators
The U. S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN") has issued final regulations imposing on non-bank residential mortgage lenders and originators ("RMLOs") the anti-money laundering ("AML") and suspicious activity reporting ("SAR") requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act.
United States
1 Mar 2012
"Well, You Can Always Credit Bid . . ." Still True For Lenders In 2010?
Historically, one of the primary protections afforded a secured creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding was the right to "credit bid" some or all of its secured debt in connection with a debtor’s proposed sale of the secured creditor’s collateral.
United States
9 Jun 2010
FDIC Extends and Amends Transaction Account Guarantee Program
At its board of directors meeting on April 13, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") acted to extend the duration, and modify the terms, of the Transaction Account Guarantee Program ("TAG").
United States
22 Apr 2010
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