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(High Yield) Bonds In The European Real Estate Sector – UPDATE
In February, we published an article on High Yield Bonds by German Real Estate Companies, in which we noted the increasing convergence / overlap between traditional real estate finance, leveraged finance and...
5 Apr 2018
DoJ Antitrust Investigation Launched Into SSA Bond Market
The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is reported to have launched an investigation into possible antitrust violations in the market for supranational, sovereign and agency bonds...
14 Dec 2015
A European Capital Markets Union: What? Why? How?
On 18 February 2015 the European Commission launched a consultation on Capital Markets Union ("CMU").
European Union
23 Mar 2015
Initial Public Offerings – An Issuer’s Guide
For most companies and their owners, an initial public offering (IPO) is a "once-in-in-a-lifetime" event that may represent the culmination of many years of hard work.
European Union
22 Jul 2014
New Dual Process For Appointing Independent Directors – Amendments To Articles Of Association
On 16 May 2014, the Listing Rules are changing to incorporate new provisions applicable to premium listed companies which have or gain a controlling shareholder.
22 May 2014
Autumn Changes To The Takeover Code – Material Changes In Information, Profit Forecasts And Quantified Financial Benefits Statements
The Takeover Code rules dealing with profit forecasts and disclosure of material changes in information were amended on 30 September.
21 Oct 2013
High Yield Bonds - An Issuer's Guide
The first half of 2013 witnessed European high yield issuances at a record-breaking pace, which slowed down in mid-June as a result of market disruptions and a repricing caused by statements by U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, hinting that the Federal Reserve could begin scaling down its $85 billion per month quantitative easing program much sooner than expected.
16 Sep 2013
Does The Takeover Code Apply? A Look At Which Companies Will Be Subject To The Takeover Code From 30 September 2013
In the summer of 2012, the Code Committee of the Takeover Panel issued a consultation examining which companies should be subject to the Takeover Code.
3 Jun 2013
New Rights For Pension Scheme Trustees Under The Takeover Code
In July last year, the Code Committee of the Takeover Panel (Panel) issued a consultation paper dealing with pension scheme trustee issues.
24 Apr 2013
London Stock Exchange Launches High Growth Segment
The High Growth Segment is intended to attract medium and large sized high growth companies that do not meet the eligibility criteria of the Premium Segment, in particular in relation to the percentage of shares required to be in public hands.
12 Apr 2013
So What Does A "Shareholder", "Member" And "Holder" Of Shares Really Mean?
Many English law governed agreements invoke Companies Act 2006 ("CA06") definitions for standard terms such as "shareholder".
11 Feb 2013
UK Implementation of Amendments to the Prospectus Directive – Where Are We Now?
Along with other member states, the UK has until 1 July 2012 to implement EU directive 2010/73/EU (Amending Directive).
20 Jun 2012
Takeover Code Changes Published - Is This a New Era for UK Takeovers?
On 21 July 2011, the Code Committee of the Takeover Panel ("Panel") published the detailed rule changes to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers ("Code") implementing changes which it first proposed last year.
29 Jul 2011
Good News for SMEs – Prospectus Exemptions Relaxed
With effect from 31 July 2011, the prospectus requirements will be amended to: increase the number of investors to whom an offer of securities may be made before a prospectus is required, from 100 to 150 investors ..
15 Jul 2011
Some Significant Changes to the Takeover Code - The End of the Road for Inducement Fees?
The Code Committee of the Takeover Panel ("Panel") today published the much awaited response to its public consultation paper of 1 June 2010. The paper itself was published in the wake of the controversy surrounding the Kraft takeover of Cadbury earlier this year.
25 Oct 2010
The Prospectus Directive: What’s on the Horizon?
This alert looks at some of the key changes being proposed to the EU Prospectus Directive, including the introduction of a reduced disclosure regime for rights issues, a new exemption for retail cascades, a wider employee share scheme exemption and (less helpfully) an increase in wholesale debt minimum denominations.
2 Jul 2010
Final Amendments to the Listing Rules Following the Listing Regime Review Now Published
The Listing Rules are being amended on 6 April 2010. These amendments follow the review of the structure of the UK listing regime by the Financial Services Authority (the "FSA").
12 Mar 2010
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