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EBA Publishes Feedback On Review Of Single Rulebook Q&A
On August 6, the EBA published feedback following a review of the use, usefulness and implementation of its single rulebook Q&A.
European Union
14 Aug 2019
European Commission Publishes Report On Group Supervision Provisions Under Solvency II Directive
On June 27, the European Commission published a report (COM(2019) 292 final) on the group supervision and capital management provisions under the Solvency II Directive (2009/138/EC).
United States
15 Jul 2019
BCBS Publishes Progress Report On Implementation Of Basel Regulatory Framework
On May 7, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published its sixteenth progress report on BCBS members' implementation of Basel III. The report can be found here.
United States
3 Jun 2019
BCBS Publishes Report On Outcome Of February 2019 Meeting
From the February 27 to 28 meeting, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has published this press release with the outcome.
European Union
13 Mar 2019
OCC, Federal Reserve Board And FDIC Publish Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking
On February 8, the OCC, the Federal Reserve Board and the FDIC issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that would provide a simplified measure of capital adequacy for qualifying community banking organizations consistent with section 201 of the EGRRCPA.
United States
27 Feb 2019
EBA Publishes Final Guidelines On Exposures Associated With High Risk Under CRR
On January 17, the European Banking Authority ("EBA") published its final report (EBA/GL/2019/01) on guidelines on the specification of types of exposures to be associated with high risk
United States
28 Jan 2019
Council Of The EU Publishes Notes On Proposed Regulation And Directive For Supervision Investment Firms
On January 4, the Council of the EU published the following notes from the COREPER relating to the European Commission's proposed Regulation and Directive establishing a new framework for prudential requirements...
European Union
22 Jan 2019
ECB Publishes Letter On Variable Remuneration Policies Of Credit Institutions
On January 10, the European Central Bank ("ECB") published a letter from Andrea Enria, ECB Supervisory Board Chair, on the variable remuneration policies of credit institutions in the SSM.
European Union
21 Jan 2019
EBA Launches Supplementary Data Collection On Revision Of Investment Firm Prudential Framework
On July 6, 2017, the European Banking Authority published a press release announcing the launch of a supplementary data collection relating to its proposals for a revised prudential framework...
European Union
20 Jul 2017
Federal Reserve And FDIC Post Resolution Plans For Eight Major Financial Firms
On July 5, 2017, the Federal Reserve Board (the "Board") and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") posted the public portions of the annual resolution plans, commonly known as living wills...
United States
20 Jul 2017
European Commission Adopts Implementing Regulation On Its Own Supervisory Reporting To Reflect IFRS 9 Changes To FINREP
On July 5, 2017, the European Banking Authority ("EBA") published a press release announcing that the European Commission (EC) adopted an Implementing Regulation on June 29, 2017...
European Union
20 Jul 2017
Federal Reserve Board Releases Results Of Supervisory Bank Stress Tests
On June 22, 2017, the Federal Reserve Board released the results of its annual supervisory stress tests conducted on 34 bank holding companies. According to the results, the nation's largest bank holding...
United States
20 Jul 2017
ESAs Publish 2016 Annual Reports
On June 15, 2017, ESMA, EIOPA and the EBA (the European Supervisory Authorities ("ESAs")) each published their annual reports outlining the relevant ESA's objectives, activities and key achievements in 2016.
European Union
5 Jul 2017
Council Of EU Agrees On Approach To Legislative Proposals For Insolvency Hierarchy Directive And IFRS 9 Regulation
The Council of the EU has agreed on a general approach to the legislative proposals for a directive (which will relate to the ranking of unsecured debt instruments in insolvency)...
European Union
5 Jul 2017
Econ Draft Report On Proposed Regulation Amending CRR As Regards Transitional Period For Mitigating Impact On Own Funds Of Introduction Of IFRS 9
On June 8, 2017, the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs ("ECON") published its draft report on the proposed Regulation amending the Capital Requirements Regulation...
European Union
27 Jun 2017
European Commission Adopts Delegated Regulation Amending Solvency Ii Delegated Regulation On Infrastructure Corporates
An impact assessment and executive summary were published alongside the Delegated Regulation.
European Union
21 Jun 2017
Council Of EU Presidency Compromise Proposal On Proposed Regulation Amending CCR
The Council of the EU has published the final Presidency compromise proposal on the proposed Regulation amending the Capital Requirements Regulation (Regulation 575/2013) ("CRR")...
European Union
15 Jun 2017
EBA Publishes Final Guidelines On Credit Insitutions' Credit Risk Management Practices And Accounting For Expected Credit Losses
On May 12, 2017, the EBA published its final guidelines on credit institutions' credit risk management practices and accounting for expected credit losses.
European Union
19 May 2017
European Banking Authority Publishes Final Guidelines On Bail-in
On April 5, 2017, the European Banking Authority published three sets of guidelines in relation to the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive, and in particular, bail-in.
European Union
19 Apr 2017
European Commission Publishes Draft Seventh Implementing Regulation Extending Transitional Periods Related to Own Fund Requirements for CCPS Exposures
The most recent Implementing Regulation, adopted by the European Commission on December 9, 2016, extended the transitional periods to December 15, 2016.
European Union
10 Apr 2017
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