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Too Natural For Naturalization: An Update
Whether the letter will result in any modifications of USCIS policy and/or adjudicative processes remains to be seen.
United States
6 Jun 2019
Too Natural For Naturalization: Even Decriminalized Marijuana Can Be A Bar To US Citizenship
Deeming the trend in state law irrelevant, federal immigration authorities have in fact moved in the opposite direction.
United States
3 Jun 2019
Marijuana Still Legally Risky For Non-Citizens (And Those Who Sponsor Them)
While marijuana possession and use continue to become legal in many U.S. states, either for strictly medicinal purposes or for any purpose at all ...
United States
21 Aug 2018
Immigration Enforcement Activity at Hospitals and Other Health-Care Facilities: How Much Protection Does the DHS Sensitive Locations Policy Offer?
In North Brownsville, Tex., Border Patrol apprehended a couple as they took their infant son to a local hospital for emergency surgery, a National Public Radio All Things Considered correspondent recently reported.
United States
26 Oct 2017
Possible Workforce Impact From DACA And TPS Elimination
In shortening the grant of Temporary Protected Status for certain Haitian nationals to six months, rather than the statutorily authorized (and customary) eighteen months, the Administration explicitly...
United States
9 Aug 2017
Where Immigration, Jobs And Infrastructure Meet
This week the separate and heated debates on immigration, jobs and infrastructure crystalized around the question of whether, in some ways, all three can work together.
United States
9 May 2017
Leon Rodriguez Was Interviewed By Nation's Restaurant News
Rodriguez said that restaurant operators and their workers should be concerned.
United States
11 Apr 2017
Searches of Devices at the U.S. Border
Although longstanding policy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorizes searches of electronic devices in the possession of travelers arriving in the United States...
United States
29 Mar 2017
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