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B.C. Reduces Production Services And Digital Animation Or Visual Effects Film Tax Credits
On May 2, 2016, following a lengthy consultation process, B.C.'s Finance Minister Michael de Jong released a statement announcing proposed reductions to the respective rates of the B.C. Production Services Tax Credit and the B.C. Digital Animation or Visual Effects Tax Credit.
10 May 2016
OPSTC And OCASE Tax Credit Rates To Be Grandfathered
The 2015 Ontario Budget introduced changes to reduce the OPSTC and OCASE tax credit rates for expenditures incurred after April 23, 2015.
3 Jun 2015
Ontario "Grandfathers" Recent Budget Changes To Production Services And Computer Animation And Special Effects Film Tax Credits
The 2015 Ontario budget reduced the rates of the OPSTC from 25% to 21.5% and the OCASE from 20% to 18% and the rate cuts were immediately effective as of the budget date.
2 Jun 2015
Ontario Reduces Production Services And Computer Animation And Special Effects Film Tax Credits
Under the Budget, the OPSTC rate was reduced from 25% to 21.5% for qualifying production expenditures incurred after April 23, 2015.
30 Apr 2015
Canadian Government To Broaden Canadian Exploration Expense And Extend Mineral Exploration Tax Credit
On March 1, 2015, the Canadian Government announced that it would broaden the definition of Canadian exploration expenses and extend the availability of the mineral exploration tax credit.
10 Apr 2015
Quebec Announces Measures To Deter Hostile Take-Overs
The Quebec government announced plans to move quickly to propose legislative amendments designed to better position Quebec companies to deter, and protect themselves from, unsolicited take-over bids.
4 Mar 2014
UK Announces New Tax Relief For Television Production, Animation And Video Games
In an effort to attract international investment and encourage the production of animation, high-end TV productions and video games in the United Kingdom
12 Apr 2012
Canadian Budget Proposal Affects Cross-Border Financing
The Canadian federal budget tabled on March 29, 2012 (the "Budget") proposed a number of important amendments that affect cross border planning with Canadian corporations.
12 Apr 2012
2012 Federal Budget Proposals Applicable to Mining Companies
The 2012 federal budget (the "Budget"), released last Thursday, promises legislative changes to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (the "CEAA") that will streamline the federal environmental assessment ("EA") process.
11 Apr 2012
Ontario Announces Shift To Harmonized Sales Tax
The 2009 Ontario Budget, tabled on March 26, sets out a proposal to harmonize Ontario’s provincial sales tax with the Federal goods and services tax effective July 1, 2010. Ontario will become the fifth province to bring its sales tax in line with the GST (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia have harmonized sales taxes, while Québec’s provincial sales tax is parallel to the GST, but is separately administered).
31 Mar 2009
Department of Finance Releases Conversion Rules for Income Trusts
On July 14, 2008, the Department of Finance ("Finance") released proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the "Tax Act") to facilitate the conversion of existing income trusts, REITs and other public flow-through entities into corporations on a tax-deferred basis (the "Conversion Rules").
16 Jul 2008
Canada to Tax Income Trusts and Publicly Traded Partnerships
On November 7, 2006, Canada’s Parliament passed a motion approving the Minister of Finance’s proposals to introduce an entity-level tax on distributions from income trusts and certain publicly-listed Canadian partnerships. The proposed rules, which were announced on October 31, 2006, are intended to eliminate the tax imbalance created by income trusts and aim to tax such entities in the same general manner as corporations. In doing so, the government sought to stem the tide of corpor
16 Nov 2006
Manitoba Announces Increases to the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit
On March 11, 2005, the Manitoba Government announced that Manitoba Film and Sound Recording Development Corporation’s base tax credit will rise from 35% to 45% of eligible Manitoba wages and salaries (or 22.5% of the total eligible production costs of an eligible film if that amount is less). This increase is in addition to the 5% frequent filming bonus for the third project shot within a two-year period in Manitoba and a 5% Rural/Northern bonus introduced last year. Combined, these incentives a
23 Mar 2005
Nova Scotia Announces Increases To The Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit
On March 8, 2005, Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm announced that the Nova Scotia Government has extended the province’s film tax credit for an additional ten years. The Government also announced that it is increasing the tax credit as follows:
22 Mar 2005
British Columbia Government Announces Its Support of the BC Film Industry
On January 20, 2005, Finance Minister Colin Hansen and Premier Gordon Campbell announced BC Film tax credit rate increases for foreign and domestic productions.
27 Jan 2005
Property Tax
A review of assessment appeals, rebate applications and tax changes.
19 Jan 2005
Quebec Announces Increase to the Quebec Refundable Tax Credit for Film or Television Production Services
On December 30, 2004, the Quebec Minister of Finance, the Honourable Yves Séguin, on behalf of the Quebec Government, announced an increase in the rate of the Quebec Refundable Tax Credit for Film or Television Production Services from 11% to 20% of eligible Quebec labour costs
10 Jan 2005
The Dawn of a New Era: The Department of Public Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency
On December 12, 2003, Prime Minister Paul Martin was sworn in as Canada's 21st Prime Minister. After taking his oath of office, Prime Minister Martin appointed his first Cabinet; and announced his plans to "change government", "build a twenty-first century economy" and "secure Canada's public health and safety.
25 Mar 2004
2004 Budget Proposals Relating To Income Funds
The 2004 federal Budget, announced on March 23, 2004, contains several tax proposals that are relevant to Canadian income funds and their pension fund and non-resident investors. A general summary of these proposals is set out in this article.
25 Mar 2004
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