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Courting Mediation
The courts will generally be in favour of alternative dispute resolution and will often encourage parties to resolve disputes by mediation.
17 Oct 2018
Ireland's Corporation Tax Roadmap
Ireland will introduce an ATAD-compliant interest limitation rule, the timing of which will be determined following further engagement with the European Commission.
21 Sep 2018
Peer To Peer (P2P) Lending – Withholding Tax Obligations – Borrowers (And Lenders) Beware
Section 246 of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 requires the deduction of income tax at the standard rate from annual (yearly) interest paid by (i) companies ...
21 May 2018
Base Erosion And Profit Shifting Regulations In The Cayman Islands Action 13: Country By Country Reporting For Cayman Funds
These reports will be shared with other jurisdictions participating in the automatic exchange of country by country reports in line with OECD recommendations.
Cayman Islands
13 Feb 2018
The Common Reporting Standard For Cayman Funds Key Differences From FATCA
This briefing outlines the key steps which will need to be addressed by Cayman funds and their managers and general partners in order to ensure compliance with the Cayman CRS Regulations.
Cayman Islands
3 May 2017
Finance Bill 2016 – Irish Real Estate Fund
As readers may be aware on 6th September 2016 the Irish Minister of Finance announced proposed amending legislation to Section 110 of the Taxes Consolidation Act...
9 Nov 2016
A Guide To Non-Life Insurance Regulation In Ireland
The key driver of insurance regulation over the past 30 years has been Ireland's membership of the European Union.
1 Nov 2016
Irish SPVs Holding Financial Assets Secured On Irish Real Estate – Proposed Legislative Amendments
On 6th September the Irish Minister of Finance announced proposed amending legislation to Section 110 of the Taxes Consolidation Act...
9 Sep 2016
Holding Companies In Ireland - August 2016
Ireland has become a destination of choice for holding companies due to its capital gains participation exemption, generous foreign tax credit system, membership of the EU...
24 Aug 2016
Establishing A Business In Ireland
Ireland is one of the best countries in the world for business. This is largely due to successive Irish governments and their agencies promoting inward investment, Ireland's membership of the EU...
2 Aug 2016
Ireland As A Domicile For Special Purpose Vehicles - 2016
Ireland has emerged as a favoured location for special purpose vehicles that are used in many financial transactions including securitisation, asset repackaging and financing transactions.
25 May 2016
Corporate Bulletin, May 2016
Welcome to the Dillon Eustace corporate bulletin. We have set out some of the recent legal developments which we feel may be of interest to you and/or your business.
13 May 2016
Cayman Beneficial Ownership System – Business As Usual, But Faster
The Cayman Government has announced that it has signed an agreement with the United Kingdom to make enhancements to its beneficial ownership system.
Cayman Islands
15 Apr 2016
Cayman Automatic Exchange Of Information Portal
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation has recently announced that its online Automatic Exchange of Information Portal is now open.
Cayman Islands
2 Apr 2015
FATCA Update
On Friday, 27 June 2014, the Irish Revenue Commissioners finalised the relevant Regulations with respect to FATCA.
10 Jul 2014
Cayman And UK Sign "FATCA – Type" Agreement To Improve International Tax Compliance
The Cayman Islands and the UK Governments signed an agreement (the "Agreement") on 5 November 2013 preparing the way for the Cayman Islands Government to automatically share information with the UK Government on certain persons or entities having UK tax reporting obligations and holding Cayman Islands accounts with certain Financial Institutions resident in the Cayman Islands.
15 Nov 2013
Revised Timeline And Other Guidance Regarding The Implementation Of FATCA
The Cayman Island Government has released an advisory to state that the US Treasury Department has announced that revised timelines for the implantation of the requirements of sections 1471 through 1474 of the Internal Revenue Code have been agreed.
29 Jul 2013
What Is Cayman Doing About FATCA?
The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is focused on the prevention of tax evasion by US persons and will have significant global impact on businesses both within and outside the United States.
Cayman Islands
9 Apr 2013
Cayman Islands And Brazil Sign Tax Agreement
The Government of the Cayman Islands signed a tax information exchange agreement with the Republic of Brazil on 19th March 2013.
Cayman Islands
8 Apr 2013
Aviation Finance - Ireland And The Cayman Islands As Key Locations
Dillon Eustace is a leading law firm focusing on financial services, banking and capital markets, insurance regulation, corporate and M&A, insolvency, litigation and dispute resolution, real estate and taxation.
20 Mar 2013
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