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Smart Contract Series – Legal Implications For Consideration, Part 1: Definition And Enforceability
This article kicks off a series that will explore legal issues relating to smart contracts. No doubt, smart contracts have become a hot topic, as more use cases for them emerge in various industries
31 Jan 2019
The End Of Anonymous Land Ownership In British Columbia Updated – Extended Comment Period And New Reporting Requirements
As we noted last month, the government of British Columbia is moving to require disclosure of beneficial owners of real property in the province.
30 Aug 2018
Important Update For Landowners: New Decision Shines Light On Fair Compensation To Expropriated Landowners
A landowner challenged the compensation offered by Alberta Transportation which had expropriated portions of three undeveloped quarter sections for a proposed highway realignment.
15 Jan 2015
Ontario Government Entitled To Exercise Crown Rights Under Treaty 3
On July 11, 2014 the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Grassy Narrows First Nation v Ontario (Natural Resources).
17 Jul 2014
New Limits Imposed On Foreign Investors Seeking To Acquire Farmland In Quebec
The Quebec National Assembly recognized the need for a law to regulate the specific problem of foreign ownership of farm land.
9 Jul 2014
Ontario Unclaimed Property Consultation
The Government of Ontario has commenced a consultation on a new proposed Unclaimed Intangible Property Program.
24 Sep 2012
Focus On Real Estate - June 2011
On August 27th, 2010, the City of Toronto enacted Zoning By-law 1156-2010, more commonly known as the new City of Toronto Harmonized Zoning By-law (the "New By-law").
28 Jun 2011
Alberta Land Stewardship Act Revisited
The "Alberta Land Stewardship Act" ("ALSA") was proclaimed in force in October of 2009. In a Bulletin entitled "This is Your Land?" we provided a summary of this landmark planning legislation and anticipated that its implementation had the potential to affect property rights in achieving its goals of advancing the public interest.
26 Apr 2011
The Reincarnation of Top Line - The Dangers of Leasing a Portion of Un-subdivided Land
A recent case from the British Columbia Court of Appeal confirms that leases of un‐subdivided land may be unenforceable depending on the date they were executed.
30 Nov 2010
Update – City Of Toronto’s New Comprehensive Zoning By-Law On Track For 2010 Adoption
The City of Toronto intends to adopt its new comprehensive zoning by-law currently working its way through the public consultation process before the end of the current session of City Council in August of 2010.
16 Apr 2010
Alberta Land Stewardship Act: This Land Is Your Land?
In June, Bill 36 was passed into law. In October the Alberta Land Stewardship Act ("ALSA") was proclaimed in force.
19 Nov 2009
What´s In An Ownership Structure?
When developing and/or financing land, the ownership structure of the purchaser/borrower is of significant importance to both the lender and to the purchaser/borrower and requires careful consideration. The ownership structure can be more complicated or layered depending on the nature of the development and the financial, strategic and tax objectives of the purchaser.
31 Oct 2007
FMC’s Overview Of Significant Developments In The Canadian Energy Industry, October 2006
EnCana and ConocoPhillips announced that they have agreed to a 50-50 upstream/downstream partnership. EnCana will contribute 100% of its Foster Creek and Christina Lake in situ oil sands projects while ConocoPhillips will contribute 100% of its Wood River refinery in Roxana, Illinois and its Borger refinery in Borger, Texas. The partnership is effective as of January 2, 2007 with each company committing to spend $8.5 billion on the projects over the next 10 years.
21 Nov 2006
Aircraft Seizure And Detention Rights Of NAV Canada And Airport Authorities Have Priority Over The Property Interest Of Aircraft Lessors: The Supreme Court Of Canada Has Ruled
A recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada has significant implications for the aircraft leasing industry in Canada and has the effect of allocating costs, for air navigation charges, landing fees and the like, arising from the insolvency of an airline to aircraft lessors rather than to Canadian airport authorities or the national air traffic control authority (NAV Canada).
2 Oct 2006
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