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Hurdles For Short-Term Apartment Rentals
Neighbours and communities don't like it, but apartment owners love it, because they can multiply their income
22 Feb 2019
Is The Future Of Airbnb In Hungary Boxed Into A Corner?
While few would have predicted it just a short while ago, Airbnb's rapid expansion in the Hungarian short-term rental market may soon come to a halt.
25 Jan 2019
Competition Authority Fines Firm For Restrictive Clauses In Lease Agreements
Restrictive clauses are common in commercial lease agreements. Such clauses can limit a landlord's ability to lease property to other tenants
Czech Republic
18 Jul 2018
There's No Place Like Home Until The Neighbour Interferes
Unfortunately, the Austrian Supreme Court ("OGH") doesn't think so.
17 Apr 2018
Do Our Smart Devices Have The Right To Remain Silent?
On 20 July 2017, a burglar sneaked into a family's flat in Hungary, grabbed whatever valuables he could find, and disappeared without a trace.
17 Apr 2018
Persistent Uncertainty Regarding The Amendment To The Czech Building Act
The proclaimed goal of the new legislation is to speed up the lengthy approval process hindering building projects. Nevertheless, some provisions of the amendment were challenged before the Constitutional Court.
Czech Republic
22 Feb 2018
Authorities Start Imposing Sanctions For Lack Of Fire Safety Authorisations
From 1 October 2017, the Romanian fire safety authorities may start imposing sanctions on the beneficiaries of existing construction projects in Romania who failed to obtain (or at least apply for)...
24 Oct 2017
Postup obcí při uzavírání smluv o zřízení služebnosti a práva stavby
Nový občanský zákoník (dále jen NOZ) přinesl řadu změn. Přestože je v platnosti už přes dva roky od 1. 1. 2014, přetrvávají mnohé nejasnosti a otazníky.
4 May 2017
Tenant's Insolvency In Lease Agreements
From an economic perspective, especially in the current business environment, contractual freedom is the best legal method to satisfy the legitimate interests of individuals...
26 Apr 2017
New Incentives For Foreigners Investing In Turkish Real Estate
In the wake of the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July, and despite rising global security concerns due to a wave of terror attacks in 2016, the Turkish real estate market...
7 Apr 2017
New Polish Food Law Seeks To Counteract The Unfair Use Of Contractual Advantage
On 12 July 2017, a new act on counteracting the unfair use of contractual advantage in trade in agricultural and food products (the "Act") will enter into force in Poland.
28 Mar 2017
Increase Of Minimum Sale Price May Affect Retail NPL Transactions?
In that case, however, the creditor's claim terminates upon the sale of the property and the distribution of the enforcement proceeds, irrespective of whether the creditor achieved full recovery or not.
14 Mar 2017
Czech Republic: Renewal Of Co-Owners' Pre-Emption Right To Co-Owned Real Estate
According to the Czech Ministry of Justice, limitation of co-owners' statutory pre-emption rights by the Civil Code, does not correspond to actual social needs and expectations.
24 Jan 2017
Real Estate Transfer Tax To Be Paid By Transferees
According to the Czech government, which is the petitioner of the amendment to the RE Transfer Tax Act, the amendment seeks to reduce the administrative burden connected with collection of the RE Transfer Tax.
Czech Republic
28 Jul 2016
CJEU Rules On Liability Of Marketplace Operators For Trademark Infringements
Should landlords care about their tenants' IP infringements? According to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), they should!
European Union
13 Jul 2016
The Open Tender For Sofia Aiport Concession Ceased
On 20 May 2016 the Bulgarian government resolved to begin open tender proceedings for the concession of the Sofia Airport which has been brought to a halt by the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission.
28 Jun 2016
New Restrictions On Trade In Agricultural Properties Applicable As Of 30 April 2016
Restrictions should be taken into account when planning transactions of trade in agricultural real properties and shares of companies owning such properties.
29 Apr 2016
VAT Rates Slashed For Newly Constructed Residential Buildings
On 15 December 2015, the Hungarian Parliament introduced a new act amending the VAT rates currently applied on newly constructed residential real estate.
16 Dec 2015
New Law On Conversion Of Right Over Construction Land Into Ownership Against Compensation
The long-expected Law on conversion of usage right into ownership against compensation ("Conversion Act") entered into force on 28 July 2015.
13 Aug 2015
Real Estate Transfer Tax Reloaded: Substantial Changes Envisaged Again
The draft tax bill of the Tax Amendment Act 2015/2016 provides for new rules on the taxation of gratuitous transfers of real estate, including amendments to the tax basis and the introduction of new progressive tax rates.
26 Jun 2015
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