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Expropriation Derangement Syndrome
Aggression without consequences becomes acceptable behaviour. When aggression is crowned by success it creates a heady and addictive euphoria.
Antigua and Barbuda
21 Jun 2019
Extend & Pretend
For ten years the Government of Antigua & Barbuda has avoided the payment of compensation for its expropriation of the private property known as Half Moon Bay Resort.
Antigua and Barbuda
3 Sep 2015
Caribbean Rabid Dog Of Expropriation Bites At Stanford Assets
Emboldened by a new interpretation of public use by the UK Privy Council in the matter of the Half Moon Bay Resort, a US owned private property, expropriated by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda, the Attorney General of Antigua, Justin Simon, did not hesitate to seize the lands of master Ponzi fraudster, R. Allen Stanford within days of Stanford's indictment in the U.S.
Antigua and Barbuda
4 Jan 2010
Pirates Of The Caribbean – Expropriation In Antigua
The expropriation and nationalisation of the Half Moon Bay Resort and other interests of American, Canadian and British nationals by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has been the subject of numerous articles and debates.
Antigua and Barbuda
1 May 2008
Expropriation In Antigua & Barbuda - Update 2007
The Government has never offered to purchase the property, the Half Moon Bay Resort, which includes a beach front hotel surrounded by 108 acres of amenities, golf course, estate and development lands. Between nature's gift and its owners' care, the property has been acknowledged by the Travel Channel in 1999 as being set on the best beach in the world.
Antigua and Barbuda
20 Dec 2006
Expropriation in Antigua & Barbuda
After sixteen months of power, The Government of Antigua & Barbuda, led by the United Progressive Party under the stewardship of the Honourable Baldwin Spencer, has once again sent mixed signals on its adoption of international good practice with regard to foreign direct investment.
Antigua and Barbuda
27 Jul 2005
Invest In Antigua & Barbuda?
"You are an enemy of the State - no white woman can be allowed to own such property!" screamed Senator Asot Michael, Antigua’s former Junior Finance Minister in the face of Mrs Natalia Querard, Managing Director of HMB holdings Limited.
Antigua and Barbuda
6 May 2005
Antigua & Barbuda - Foreign Direct Investment
According to the old adage, you are judged by the company you keep and your behaviour towards others. Money is no different. Arguably, this explains Antigua & Barbuda’s failure to attract sound foreign direct investment.
Antigua and Barbuda
14 Feb 2005
Expropriation - Democracy’s Cardinal Sin
For an Island with reported debts of over US $2billion dollars and tourism offering possible salvation, Antigua’s expropriation of Half Moon Bay Resort gives no comfort to prospective foreign investors and the international community.
Antigua and Barbuda
29 Oct 2004
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