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The Patentability Of Living Things – A South African Approach
Patent protection of living organisms, or substances derived from them, has long been a locus of confusion and controversy in law. Recently, however,
South Africa
14 Aug 2019
Do Not File Your Cannabis Trade Marks…Yet:
The Constitutional Court judgment which decriminalises the private use of cannabis has also resulted in an emotional high for a lot of South Africans.
South Africa
12 Dec 2018
Medical Technology: Setting The Pace In Innovation
In 1962, when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, Telstar launched the first communications satellite, and General Electric introduced the world to the single LED.
South Africa
26 Nov 2018
Brand Bans Don't Change Behaviour But Do Destroy Jobs, Assets (Video)
Brand Bans Don't Change Behaviour But Do Destroy Jobs, Assets
South Africa
20 Nov 2018
Newsflash: Use Of Tequila Now Regulated In South Africa
The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has approved and published an amendment to the Regulations of the Liquor Products Act 60 of 1989 ...
South Africa
23 Apr 2018
Between The Scheldt And The Meuse
For a city located between two large, relatively straight rivers, Brussels seems adept at providing a complex series of rapids for would-be inventors to navigate when moving from idea to patent.
European Union
4 Apr 2018
THE ALPS IN MZANSI: Second Medical Use Claims In South African Patent Law
South Africa has the largest pharmaceutical products market in Africa, with the pharmaceutical industry playing a very important role in the South African economy.
South Africa
6 Apr 2017
Micro Breweries Need To Get Crafty About Intellectual Property
The craft beer scene in South Africa has exploded in recent times, with new exciting breweries and beers being made available to consumers almost daily.
South Africa
3 Apr 2017
Patenting DNA – Discovery Or Invention?
In grappling with the question as to whether DNA is a patentable invention or a mere discovery, scientists and patent lawyers have been at loggerheads for years.
South Africa
30 Mar 2017
Prophylactic Law vs. Prophylactic Medicine: Are They Really In Conflict?
Malaria is an illness of particular concern in sub-Saharan Africa with 88% of malaria cases occurring here and contributing to 90% of global malaria deaths.
South Africa
6 Jan 2017
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