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$5 Billion Federal Trade Commission Settlement With Facebook Represents Largest Privacy Enforcement Penalty Ever
The FTC accused the company of failing to adequately protect users' privacy and comply with a 2012 consent decree with the agency.
United States
5 Aug 2019
Vaping Companies Take A Hit From The FTC And FDA Over Social Media Endorsements
Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") issued joint warning letters to four companies that market flavored e-liquid (vaping) products.
United States
31 Jul 2019
FTC Seeks Public Comments To Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule
Last week, the FTC announced it is seeking public comment on the effectiveness of amendments made by the agency in 2013 to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, and whether additional changes are needed.
United States
29 Jul 2019
Ediscovery For Defendants In Practice
We've repeatedly advocated that defendants try turn the e-discovery tables on plaintiffs whenever possible
United States
10 Jul 2019
New York AG Declares War on Fake Followers, Likes, and Online Deception
Earlier this year, the New York Attorney General reached a "precedent-setting" settlement with Devumi LLC, a third-party website,
United States
21 Jun 2019
#Advert – Transparency Requirements For Influencers
They are the stars of the young generation, brand ambassadors for organizations and leaders on social media: influencers.
United States
11 Jun 2019
Model Misbehavior? Gigi Hadid Faces Copyright Suit Over Instagram Post
Gigi Hadid found herself sued for copyright infringement by New York photo agency Xclusive-Lee, Inc. over a photo the fashion model posted to her Instagram account.
United States
15 Mar 2019
Zika Repellent Could Not Keep Away FTC
They engaged Inside Publications, which publishes Inside Gymnastics magazine, to help advertise the product – including the use of athlete endorsers.
United States
6 Dec 2018
Facebook And Employers Are Subject To Gender Bias Employment Complaint
Several women and the Communications Workers of America have brought an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ...
United States
28 Sep 2018
Potential(ly) Reach(ing): Facebook Sued Over Inflated Audience Numbers
On August 15, Danielle A. Singer and her company Project Therapy, LLC (dba Therapy Threads) filed a class-action complaint against Facebook, Inc.
United States
4 Sep 2018
Preparing For The Next Phase Of Influencer Marketing – The CGI Influencer
Social media influencers are constantly competing for likes, partnerships, and ways to differentiate themselves from others.
United States
26 Jul 2018
Should The President's Tweets Create A "Public Forum"?
You might be aware that the President of the United States has a Twitter account.
United States
12 Jun 2018
New York High Court Reaffirms Defense Right To Social Media Discovery
Until very recently, the only state high court decisions (from VA and DE) on our ediscovery for defendants cheat sheet involved sanctions against plaintiffs for destroying social media evidence.
United States
26 Feb 2018
Illinois Biometric Lawsuit Against Facebook Moves Through Court System
A 2015 lawsuit brought by Facebook users over the company's alleged unauthorized collection of their facial features and other facial biometric data pursuant to the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act ("BIPA") is slowly moving through the courts.
United States
5 Feb 2018
New York Ballot Selfie Ban Upheld… For Now
In the first iteration of what is expected to be a hot constitutional issue, a Federal court in New York upheld New York's ban on ballot-box selfies.
United States
14 Nov 2017
Ka-pow! 9th Circuit Finds Social Media Gag Order Unconstitutional in COMIC CON Trademark Dispute
In a previous post, we analyzed the battle over the trademark COMIC CON, which is owned by the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) but has been used by over 100 other comic book convention organizers.
United States
10 Nov 2017
Arrgh! Social Media Post Lands "Pirate Joe's" In Hot Water
In the highly-publicized case about unauthorized reselling of Trader Joe's merchandise by renegade Canadian merchant "Pirate Joe's," social media provided the powder keg for Trader Joe's...
United States
20 Oct 2017
FTC Makes New Strides In Social Media Influencer Space With Settlement, Warnings, And Guidance
This month, online gaming social media influencers Trevor Martin and Thomas Cassell settled the Federal Trade Commission's first charges against individual failure to disclose material information...
United States
22 Sep 2017
Instagram Updates Sponsored Post Disclosures
Last month, Instagram launched a new feature to let users know when a post is sponsored, making it easier for users to determine if a celebrity was paid to sponsor a post.
United States
20 Jul 2017
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